Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The art of Jason Mecier

A follow up to the Jason Mecier portrait of Fay Wray made from junk and trash, posted in the Bytes on the movie line from King Kong, some more Jason Mecier works . . .

Jason Mecier with a portrait of Lindsay Lohan made from recycled trash

A close up of the Lohan portrait

Taylor Swift portrait made from candy

Jason Mecier with Honey Boo Boo portrait made up of trash

Close up Honey Boo Boo

Even closer on Honey Boo Boo

Barack Obama in beef jerky

Clint Eastwood in trash

Michael Jackson, pills

Amy Winehouse, pills

Steve Jobs, electronic waste

Fay Wray, trash, with detail (lips and part of the jaw)

Pamela Anderson, candy, with details

Stevie Nicks, with details

Kevin Bacon, raw and cooked bacon

Nic Cage

Another of Obama

Donald Trump

Anna Nicole Smith

Sigmund Freud

* * * * * * * * *

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