Thursday, July 17, 2014

Views from Above, Part 1

At the weekly trivia comp last night we were trying to identify a landmark and a comment was made as to things looking quite different from an unfamiliar angle. This prompted me to remark that I had recently seen a series of photographs that creates a completely new perspective on how  places appear when photographed from high above. 

They are from a website Digital Globes and were inspired by what is known as the Overview Effect, the shift of perspective and view experienced by astronauts when they first see the planet Earth from space.

The images are truly amazing. I said that I would post them for Bytes today, so here they are fellow team members.

The pics and comments below are from a website Bored Panda.

Bourtange, Vlagtwedde, Netherlands
Bourtange is a village with a population of 430 in the municipality of Vlagtwedde in the Netherlands. The star fort was built in 1593 during the Eighty Years’ War when William I of Orange wanted to control the only road between Germany and the city of Groningen. Bourtange was restored to its mid-18th-century state in 1960 and is currently used as an open-air museum.

Barcelona, Spain

309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group Tucson, Arizona, USA

Central Park, New York City, New York, USA

Great wall of China, Nothern China

Desert Shores Community, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
The Desert Shores Community in Las Vegas, Nevada contains 3,351 units and four man-made lakes.

New Bullards Bar Reservoir, Yuba County, California

Residential Development, Killeen, Texas, USA

Venice, Spain

Vineyards, Huelva, Spain

Plasticulture / Greenhouses, Almeria, Spain
Plasticulture refers to the practice of using plastic materials in agricultural applications. This is visible in the plains and valleys of Almeria, Spain where nearly 20,000 hectares are covered by these greenhouse structures.

Durrat Al Bahrain, Bahrain
Durrat Al Bahrain will consist of 15 connected, artificial islands (including six atolls, five fish-shaped, and two crescent-shaped). Construction costs are estimated at $6 billion and the project is slated for completion in mid-2015.

Btw, by way of comparison, here is an aerial view of the aartificially created islands of Dubai:

Amazon Rainforest Deforestation, Para, Brazil
Clearcutting operations in the Amazon Rainforest of Para, Brazil branch out from one of the state’s central roads.

Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal, Newark, New Jersey, USA

Boca Raton, Florida, USA

And 5 aerial images other than from directly above of well known landmarks:

The Pyramids of Giza

The Acropolis

The Arc de Triomphe


Niagra Falls

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