Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Trivia Tuesday

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There are strict rules about which horse names are acceptable or otherwise when registering in various countries.

Nonetheless owners still try to get imaginative names through with creative spellings.

In the US names that have sneaked past the watchful eye of the Jockey Club have included 
Hoof Hearted
Isitingood, and 
Peony's Envy. 

Closer to home, some Oz names that have managed to achieve registration include:
Screaman Seaman
Cunning Stunt

Blackman, named after the artist Charles Blackman, had a name change after a complaint.  It was changed to Lady Blackman.
Belle Terras (“Belt her arse”)
Tsipura (Backwards, “Are you pissed?”)
Sirjonker, a colt from the stallion Imperial. It was required to be changed when the suits realised that it sounded as Sir John Kerr.  It didn't matter that when Kerr presented the winner’s cup and made a speech at the 1977 Melbourne Cup he was as drunk as a lord.
Far Call

And more. . . 
Was That You [out of Northern Scent]
Esranit (Tin Arse backwards)
Esrasgip (Pig’s Arse backwards)
Anaratta De Toor (Rooted at Tarana backwards) – the owners were from Tarana
Topsipp (Ppis Pot backwards)

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The word “Tonto” means “stupid” in Spanish. When The Lone Ranger was shown in Latin America, he was called Toro, meaning bull.

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Australia is the only country that is also a continent.

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The king of hearts is the only king without a moustache on a standard playing card.

The king of hearts is sometimes called the "suicide king" because he appears to be sticking his sword into his head. However, it is debated whether or not the sword and hand holding it actually belong to the king, due to a different design pattern that could indicate someone else stabbed him.

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When Richard Nixon resigned the Presidency on 9 August, 1974, he flew home aboard Air Force One. However, the resignation was not official until he was more than halfway in the journey. At that point the pilot, contacted Kansas City Centre and had the aircraft's call sign changed from Air Force One to SAM 27000 Nixon is the only President to have boarded Air Force One as a President and disembarked as a private citizen.

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