Wednesday, January 28, 2015

PM Abbott and Duke Philip

News report:

Tony Abbott is standing by his decision to make the Queen's husband an Australian knight and dismissed social media ridicule as lacking in credibility. The Prime Minister announced on Monday that the Queen had accepted his recommendation that the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, and Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston be awarded Australia's highest honour as Knights of the Order of Australia.

“. . . the monarchy has been an important part of Australia's life since 1788, and Prince Philip has been a great servant of Australia, he's been a great servant of all the countries of the Commonwealth. Here in this country, he's the patron of hundreds of organisations. He's the inspiration and wellspring of the Duke of Edinburgh's Awards which have provided leadership training for tens, if not, hundreds of thousands of Australians.'


As an indication of the character of the man who has just been named a Knight of the Order of Australia, I reprint the following post from Bytes from a number of years ago:

. . . a reminiscence by Gareth Evans, former Attorney General and Foreign Minister, of his meeting with Prince Philip, quoted in Barry Cohen’s book Whitlam to Winston:

Gareth Evans remembers well the moment he cast off any lingering doubts he had about the monarchy and became a confirmed republican. It was December 1985 and Her Majesty was at Yarralumla with her consort to sign into law the Australia Act, the legislation that allowed Australia to finally sever all those remaining linkages with the United Kingdom that we were constitutionally capable of severing, short of a referendum.

It was, he recalls, a great occasion.
The entire Ministry gathered in a semicicrcle as the Queen and Prince Philip came around, shook our hands one by one and engaged in a little conversation with each of us. 
After I had a polite but brief exchange with Her Majesty, she settled into a rather more prolonged discussion with Senator Susan Ryan, standing beside me, leaving me face to face with Prince Philip with a conversation gap to fill. My gambit wasn’t, on reflection, the most adventurous or stylish but I still think it was serviceable enough for the occasion. 
My opening line – ‘This is really a marvellous occasion and it’s wonderful that you are here for it’ – did not evince any discernible reaction at all. So I plunged on with something like this: ‘I feel particularly pleased personally that this has come to fruition. When I was Attorney-General I spent a fair bit of time rushing backwards and forwards to Whitehall, the Parliament and in fact the Palace as well, putting all this together, and it’s great that we’ve now made it.’ 
Prince Philip paused, looked at me and uttered just two words in reply: ‘Big deal.’

Bonus item:

"You don't get good decisions from government if all the decisions are simply made by one person. No one, however smart, however well educated, however experienced, is the suppository of all wisdom."

- Tony Abbot, when launching the campaign of Liberal candidate for Deakine, Michael Sukkar, 12.08.2013

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