Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Street Art

Friend Wayne asked for more street art pics, so here you are Wayne, including some "Rainworks".

Two street artists, Peregrine Church and Xack Fisher, decided to do something to cheer up members of the public when it is raining. They call it “Rainworks” and it is rain activated art, symbols and messages that only become visible when wet, either by rain or hosing. They use a product called Always Dry which is water resistant and lasts for up to a year, but is non-toxic and biodegradable, so doesn’t cause any damage. Their art has been confined mostly to the Seattle area, here are some examples.

How it’s done:




Some more street art . . . 

India is using 3D street art to slow down drivers . . . 


Long Island Graffiti Building (decoration allowed by owner)

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  1. Nice article!

    Just so you know, the guys at Rainworks don't actually use Always Dry any more. They used to, but they've partnered with the manufacturer and released their own formula, which is called Rainworks Invisible Spray. Check it out: http://rain.works/invisiblespray Might want to update your post! :)


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