Monday, June 5, 2017

Readers Write


From Rosie, in response to the Quote for the Day that "Nothing makes a person more productive than the last minute" . . . 
"Love the quote of the day!!! Sooooo reflects my life 😀"

From Phil A in the US, in reference to Steve M's comments about growing up in Swindon:
Hi, Otto -- 
Please let Steve M. know that I am an American and am a huge fan of the band XTC. Subsequently, I am envious of the fact that he is from the town from which the XTC band members hail. Lucky him! 
Thank you for providing all of these fun and fabulous and entertaining bytes of information on a daily basis. On a daily basis, I look forward to reading what you have decided to share with all of us around the world. 
Thank you, Otto!

From Wayne B, who loves the old photographs . . .
Love the suburbs history & photos - can you make this a regular feature each week? I lived at Mortadella that had a level crossing at the station that was closed and the rail crossing was replaced by a road under tunnel. There must be many other similar stations like Ashfield with before, during work & after crossing closures. Can you you if there are any historic photos & history for those stations.

Wayne B
(I believe that Wayne's spellcheck changed Mortlake to Mortadella. Despite what a friend we have in cheeses, I don't believe that he lived in one.)


From Tobye P, also in the US, about the ads from the 1940's and 1950's showing women using lawnmowers:
Hi Otto, I hope you’re recovered and feeling well! 
Those mower ads made me laugh-when I was a girl in the ‘60s suburban women rarely did “rough” yard work, with the exception of flower planting or perhaps a kitchen garden-which would be tilled and prepared by a man. My father had 3 daughters and finally a son. We girls were never allowed to go near the mower-too dangerous! but he had my brother mowing the lawn as soon as he could reach the handlebars. No real man would let his wife mow the lawn-any more than a man would do the dishes. I’m sure it was different in the country, but I think those ads for women mowing were probably wishful thinking on the part of the “Mad Men”. Lot’s of boys made pocket money mowing lawns, but never girls-they baby-sat for extra $$. 
Was it different in Australia, do you think? Just curious! 
Sincerely, Tobye
Until my brothers were big enough to use a push mower, my mother did it, not because my dad was lazy but because she wanted to.

Thanks to all those who take the time to send me their comments.

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