Saturday, May 25, 2019

Skin Art


From website Bored Panda, a collection of tattoo cover ups where people have removed their ex from their bodies as well as their lives, with reader comments. 


Was death the best choice or accurate choice...

Symbolic of the death of the relationship, perhaps. Or maybe the person likes skulls! 💀 

The fist tattoo was already very well made, but the cover up is awesome 

Now that's clever. "You're dead to me now." 

Wow from sentimental to even stronger reminder of a failed relationship 

Am I seeing things, or you can still see what was initially written? 

No, you're right. I can also see it's still there. But you probably won't notice it unless you know to look for it. 

I'd just write "Charles" above her ex name. :D 

Getting a tattoo of someone named Darwin is bad enough haha 

I'd have thought long & hard about changing it to read "My ex is a Darwin Award winner." I love the cover up! 

I thought that logo was another tattoo for a second, lol. 

Very well done. Why people get names tattooed on their skin is baffling. Unless it's a memorial or something, just don't. 

The original was horrible, did it cause the break up? 

There is "Żabka" written below the original, which means "Little frog" in polish. just in case you were wondering. 

Also it's a word of affection, like "honey" or something. 

The original looks like a little girl 

That 1st one needed to be inked over regardless of whether or not there was a breakup. And the artist (and I use the term loosely) needs to re-think his/her career choice..... 

Homemade portrait tats are always a nightmare. I'd love to know what these people were thinking. At least they got a proper artist for the re-do. 


Now THAT’S funny! 

This would have been better with a simple X through the name. 

They could have found a much more appealing pic of Marge. I guess they just opted for the one that was on the cover of Maxim. 

That's a LOT of name. 

I never understood that idea to tattoo a name ... 

The original kind of looks as if they wrote it down with a gel pen 

Fantastic cover up. 

NEVER get someone else's name tattooed on your body! (Unless it's a child or parent) 

Now this is original 

Must have been a hell of a break-up 

That's cold. 

Is that the same woman from the hooded skull tattoo coverup? Either someone got 2 tattoos of her or she's a real heart breaker. 

It's really well done, but I'd always be noticing that her hair, neck and shoulder are still there. I had a tattoo covered/redone and there's a whole 1 line of the original left, and it really bothers me when I see it. 

He opens himself up to evil influence this way. From the fireplace into the fire. 

The image is ugly, but I can appreciate the artistry that went into it. It was done well for what it is. 

I believe this is a Japanese Oni. Some of them are demons/devils of jealousy so maybe this fits. 

Now he can't see the Chloe for the trees! 

Chloe is lost in the woods forever. 

That's a lazy af artist. I would not be happy with that cover up at all. 

Those blue eyes are hypnotizing. Beautiful tattoo!! 

The artist really did an amazing job at this! 

Love this day of the dead inspired tat. 

Now that's how you do a cover up, but I can see areas that could be improved. The hair is good, but there's no depth or contrast in the face and the bottom outline of the lips is jacked. This artist needs to apprentice with a proper one and learn some basics. 

I think "Day of the Dead" images may look pretty dated in a few years. 

That is a large and substantial tattoo to cover one little name..... 

Mmmm,go around with a tattoo of your ex or replace it with a very random gorilla. Tough choice :) 

No random gorilla, that's Harambe. 

All hail Harambe! 

You know things have gone south when someone turns your face into a gorilla, lol. 

That is effing BRUTAL!!! 

That is real cool 

Until you turn 13... 

How is this the same arm? 

The arm rotated 

Go big or go home! 

WOW that's a serious cover up! 

I guess Jessi really needed to be eradicated... 

Was all that really necessary? Seems like a bit much and Batman? How old are you?
And speaking of tatts, how amazing are these? 

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