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Ugly Belgian Houes continued, Part 2


Continuing a look at ugly Belgian houses, as documented by Belgian architect Hannes Coudenys on his website at:

Also included, some reader comments from a Bored Panda post about the pics of the houses, at: 


Reader comments: 

Love the door! 

In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit... 

This isn’t ugly at all! It’s Urban Hobbit. 

Love this one. 

Ugly? I don't think so. 

Confused Hobbitses don't know where windows go, precious... 

Ahhh, I want a polka dot house. 

Reader comments: 

When you get a divorce and have to split everything. 

The magician never could figure out how to put them back together again. 

It's like someone had an argument and took half of the house in the other direction lol 

Honestly, how does this happen?? 

That's some judge's solution to a marital spat. 

That's just weird! 

Too many drinks at the pub, then walk into the wrong house !!! 

When the blueprint was on 2 sheets... but they were swapped... 

Reader comments: 

Which even counts as the first floor? 

Go home house, you're drunk. 

This gives me a headache. 

This place is in Turnhout, Belgium. It used to be a bar called "Bronx". 

Haha, and it functions as student housing now, apparently? :') 

There's creative and original and then there's this mess. 

Looks like earthquake damage. 

just... WHY? 

It's a house that lets room to students (indicated on the triangular door on the left, in Flemish). So, I guess they thought it OK to have the ground floor (in Europe, we call it ground floor, not first floor) look a little bit funky. It's just the fa├žade, inside it must be straight. 

Reader comments: 

So much space lost....Would have been nice to have a full 1st floor

Anyone else wondering how you get upstairs? 

Looks like part of the 2nd floor was eaten by a wormhole. 

After buying the car there was no money left to finish the house after the original design 

Reader comments: 

A room with no view. :) 

404 windows not found 

Is the owner a vampire? 

Seems they chose to go with a curtain instead of a proper door as well...bold strategy. 

I am sure that building a house without windows is illegal in many countries because of the fire safety. If the house is burning sometimes it is the best idea to escape from a window. If that would not be a problem I would actually like a house that does not have windows because then I could fill all the walls with shelves and store all my stuff more easily. :) 

Don't know if it makes any difference but maybe the front of the house has windows... maybe this is the back and has no windows. This is truly depressing to live in a house with no windows. 

"We're scared of a zombie apocalypse" 

What the...? 

Are the windows on the other side? This klinda looks like the back of the house, but why is the door above the car? 

Reader comments: 

Omg, this is in my hometown, the back of the other half goes into the air as well. They've been building this for years but are having problems and it's still not finished. 

Daddy is coming home ! Everyone over to the other side of the house and pick up the dog ! 

Again, why, why would this be a livable house in any way? 

Kids wanted a slide. 

Do they nail the furniture to the floor?! 

Too much Viagra in the sewer? 

"Firing in three, two, one ..." 

Reader comments: 

It looks like a cruise ship parked behind a building. 

Exactly what I first thought. The ew is strong with this one! Ruined a beautiful cluster of architecture by plopping a pile of garbage on top. The city never should have allowed this 

Looks like a Belgian Waffle. 

I remember when these were real houses in Oostende and the whole block was for sale. I suppose a big contractor bought the whole block, then realized he wasn't allowed to demolish the facades. It is creative, but ugly. Now, to find any beautiful new buildings on the Belgian coast you are going to have to look hard. 

This looks like a great way to preserve the old architecture, but provide for the updated needs. I prefer this to knocking down the old building. 

Agreed. Its great they kept the old front of a historic building. They do this a lot in Chicago. Nice example 

That is trippy!! It just goes and goes .. reminds me of a cross over of M C Escher and Dali! 

Ouch! My eyes! My eyes! 

Reader coments:

Come to think of it, this is the other half of the house with the car port. 

Insurance only cover enough for just half a house from the disaster . 

Actually this is really common here in Belgium. People buy a lot for a detached home. According to building regulations you HAVE to build a detached house. So when the adjacent lot hasn't been built on yet, you get this funny view. 

Very obvious cloaking device... 

Looks like a panorama photo gone wrong. 

House for sale....50% off 

little house on the prairie 

what is with the Half houses??? 

When a magic spell goes wrong! only half the house disappears 

Reader comments: 

Oh poor little house :( 

I didn't even know I could be sorry for a house. Until now. Poor little thing. 

Well I'm not movin' so you'll just have to build around me. 

It's the house from "Up" ! 

Sunlight....nah, only shadows and sadness at this place! 

This looks like the backside, not the front 

Why are the windows on the floor? 

Where is the door, it must be a secret door !!! 

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