Thursday, July 11, 2019

I read the news today, oh boy . . .


Drivers on the motorway were surprised to see a beautiful golden bird needing attention, some even thought it to be an exotic new species. They called the delightfully named Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital which took it into care, only to discover it was a seagull covered in curry! They cleaned it up and named it Vinny, not short for Vincent but for Vindaloo. 

National Post: 


The Dalai Lama was in the news last week for some comments made and for which he later apologised. The Tibetan spiritual leader said he was 'deeply sorry' and 'genuinely meant no offence' for saying that any woman who succeeded him as a reincarnation 'should be more attractive'. 

His office suggested it was an attempt at humour that was lost in translation. The Dalai Lama, who is 83, had previously made similar comments, suggesting in 2015 that an unattractive female Dalai Lama would be 'not much use'. His office has stated that he is a strong supporter of men’s rights. 

Daily Mail UK 


A Fench inventor claims to have invented pills to make farts smell like roses or chocolate. They also come in ginger, violet, chocolate, and lily of the valley — and can be given to pets. 

Christian Poincheval, 69, said he got the idea while “at a table with friends after a copious meal when we nearly asphyxiated ourselves. “The gas wasn’t great for our table neighbours. Something had to be done about this. “You can disguise the sound of a fart but not the stench.” 

The pills can also be given to animals. 

Does anyone else thing that Christian looks like santa Clause and that it is ironic that these pills have been invented in a country that gave us both Chanel No 5 and some of the smelliest cheeses? 

Huffington Post 


(especially in hip-hop or dance music) a mention, credit, or greeting, typically one made over the radio or during a live performance. 

Some celebrities do custom shouts for birthday wishes and the like through website Cameo, for which they get paid. Information is provided by the person ordering the shoutout, which is often for a friend. 

Back in March 2019 Rapper Flava Flav was asked by Tim (who paid $150) to do a shoutout for someone who was retiring, not realizing that he had been set up to provide well wishes to Cardinal George Pell, who had been convicted for sexual offences against minors. 

Flava Flav wished George Pell a ‘happy retirement” in his shoutout video, saying 

“Hey yo, George Pell. I just gotta say, happy retirement, my man, you know what I’m saying, for real. Not only that, you know what, I know you ran the boys choir man. You know what I’m saying, all of the boys on the choir respected you, you know what I’m saying, they collected you, my man.” 

Mr Flav subsequently commented: 

“I just do the shoutouts. They tell me what to say, so I did this shoutout for this George Pell guy – I didn’t know who the fuck George Pell is, I didn’t know what the fuck he’d done. I see I made a serious mistake by doing that shoutout. And then all night… I’m getting a lot of people lashing out at me. My group called me and said, ‘Flav, what the FUCK are you doing, man?’ And I said, ‘I’m just doing shoutouts!’ I didn’t know I was shouting out paedophiles!” 

Mr Flav had one more comment: 

“I wanna say to Tristan: you’re a dirty rat.” 

Watch the shout out by clicking on the following link and clicking on the video on that site:

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