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Ugly Blegian Houses, Part 3


The final instalment of photographs by Belgian architect Hannes Coudenys who makes it his mission to document ugly Belgian houses, see :

The first part below is a collection of phographs from a website Bored Panda, with reader commenmts. The second part is a selection of photographs from Hannes Coudenys's website (see his archive collection that site).


Reader comments: 

There's always that one neighbor that must be different from the others, in a stupid kind of way.

I bet it set all the OCD people off

You know full well this one was done out of pure malicious spite.

At least he has a driveway, every one else is prolly jealous.

The white house is just chatting with the red house.

If people are going to go this far to avoid the row house look, WHY DON'T THEY EVER PUT WINDOWS ON THE SIDE WALLS!?


Reader comments:

When the top floor collapses and you just decide to leave it.

Nuclear bunker?

It's house transformer

The teleporter failed again.

What other damage did the earthquake do?

Rubik's house?

You know those Chinese puzzles that you slide the wood shapes into perfect forms. I think the artist behind this blueprint simply gave up

Now if the black part can come down at night. it would be great!!!


Reader comments:

Does it snow there? Because it’s an awesome design if you get a lot of snow. If not then I too am confused as to why?

The rest of the house sunk into the ground. You can only access by roof.

It’s a brick tent

The roof is perfect, can't wait to see the rest of the house.

It’s all roof & attic with no house.

Oh! You found the missing roof!


Reader comments:

"You really have to put your soul into it" - Architect: "Hold my cold, empty heart"


It's like a crematory!

Ultimate worst - sorry Belgium - have no words to even describe this building to anyone. It's a loudspeaker on it's side

In case of a zombie apocalypse...

Good to kick a ball against.

It's a blackboard!


Reader comments:

How to annoy your neighbour - level 999

Nah this is so evil, it's more like level 666

The porta-potty completes it.

So you're the guy on the left and you are trying to sell your house...

This is awesome. I'm totally in favour of spite houses.

Ugly house? Check! Looks unfinished? Check! You are now the most hated guy in the neighborhood? CHECKMATE!

WOAHH! I SAW A HOUSE LIKE THIS IN AUSTRIA LAST SUMMER! It looked amazing IRL. A bit confusing. Next to McDonalds.

Okay, this one sucks

The guy can escape from this monstrosity in his Tardis.

They really hate their neighbours !!

This actually takes the (Belgian) biscuit

Fits right in with the neighborhood.

Chess player?

Families check in, but they don't check out.


Reader comments:

AGGGH! - Like the '70s never ended :( - Attic window is cute tho'

I'd have said the 80's, I can totally see some big hair, big shoulder pad cheesy couple walking out of that.

Actually, I kinda like's certainly better than the mess next door with the scrubs growing out of the gutter.

1 next door would be beautiful; just needs the gutter clearing out, bit've basic maintenance.

I see elephant

With reflective sunglasses and a hat!

Looks like the house is wearing a thong.

I thought it was designed to look like an elephant's trunk

Love the lines, hate the balconies..

Nope nope nope nope nope


Reader comments:

When you are trying to recreate the Louvre, but can only afford the L...

Auntie Em, Auntie Em, look where the tornado blew our roofs!

To the bunker! There's a storm a coming!

Sure this is Belgium, not Egypt?

Architect: Ok, what style of house do you want?

Me: Have you ever seen the pyramids of Giza?

Don't build your house on quicksand.


The following pics are from the Ugly Belgian House website at:

Not a house, just a letter box. Classy.

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