Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Real Estate Design Fails, Part 1


American real estate agent Vanessa Van Winkle (Don’t you love that name? . . . sounds like something out of a Miss Marple murder mystery) saw some weird design fails in her house listings so she organised for her fellow agents to post them on a Facebook page at:

Here is Part 1 of a collection of design fails from Bored Panda, with some reader comments (often they’re the best part), from: 

Some of these fails are unbelievable, all will leave you scratching your head. 


Reader comments: 

You better not slip when you get out of the tub.... 

You better not get out of the tub, or get in it for that matter 

The guest bathroom for guests you really hate 

Besides the stairs, what's with the panel at the end? Panels like that are usually for accessing the plumbing, but the plumbing is on the opposite end of the tub. 

'And she's buuuhuuuying a stairway to.... the bathtuuuhuuuuuubb!!!' 


Reader comments: 

This would made me found as a skeleton 30 years later. I won't even fit. If I don't fit I don't sit ! 

Walking backwards, „Beep, beep, beep“ simultaniously pulling pants down, when having contact, dropping down. 

Looks like scene from horror movie. Dark, tight corridor and potentially haunted toilet at the end. 

Why do people take photos of the bathroom (or allyway in this case) with toilet with the seat up? For Heaven’s sake, you're trying to make a good impression when selling your house- put the damn seat down! 

I'm pretty sure that putting down the toilet seat is the least of the concerns here. 

At least if you’re drunk the walls will keep you from falling sideways. 

Perfect for a Stephen King movie. 


Reader comments:

Probably no structural support behind the drywall. 

An OCD trigger. 

The first thing I saw was a really nice chandelier and I thought that I do not know what's wrong here. And then... OUCH. 

You had one job! 

What (and I stress this) the actual f*CK?!?!? 

...but that's where the joist was... 


Reader comments:

This is an art piece done by Makoto Egashira. She uses floral carpet to make sculptures, her work is amazing. Please check out her art, support the artist instead of just believing the photo. 

Looks like it is just for show. Look at the toilet paper dispenser, it has carpet in it. Maybe it is "art" 

Yes, this has to be a Dada art installation of some sort. It does not appear to be functional. Note the fabric toilet paper, the faucet on top of the toilet tank, and the flood of gallery lighting from above. 

Great Aunt Ida loved her flowered bathroom but when she wore her flowered bathrobe there, we couldn’t find her. 

Seriously reminds me of that acid trip I had when I was 18 and ended up in a public bathroom. It looked exactly like that. I'm serious. 

Dear God in Heaven!! My retinas are forever scarred and I'll probably have an anxiety attack in the spring when the flowers bloom!!🤦🏼‍♀️🤣 


Reader comments:

Eww is that carpet on and around the tub? That's going to get so mouldy so fast 

Are we just going to ignore the fact there is an electric baseboard heater on the side of the tub wrapped in carpet? 

Four poster bath is a new one! The carpet is unexplainable and the bath itself looks disgusting. Whoever is responsible for this should never be allowed to 'design' anything again. 

First attempt at a waterbed... 

I can smell this pic...mould, mildew and dirty, wet carpet... 

The electric heater on the side is truly the cherry on top of that cake of misery. 


Reader comments:

What are you complaining about? the toilet makes a good "folding seat" when you have a guest 

When I first looked at the picture I thought “well they put a table where a fireplace should have been, okaaay, not too bad.” Then I read your comment .. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 

Reminds me of when Flanders' house got wiped out in the hurricane and the community rebuilt it for him and put the toilet next to the fridge. 

And this is my dining toilet. 

Never miss another moment at the dinner table! 

When I was little we lived in a small apartment with the bathroom right off the kitchen. I thought THAT was bad. 


Reader comments:
All that pink stuff made me almost miss the fact that there is a bathtub next to the bed. 

I was like...yeah, it's pink, but it's really not that ba.....oh...wait! 

Is that a surveillance camera on the ceiling? 

Looks like it... This just got creepy! 


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