Thursday, October 3, 2019

Some haiku

When life shuts a door
Just open it. It's a door.
That is how doors work.

My zipper is down
No one has told me all day
Who are my real friends

Wolf in sheep's clothing
Meets a sheep in wolf's clothing
Confusion abounds

I drink brake fluid
They say I'm addicted, but
I can always stop

I shed my old skin
It's not some deep metaphor
I just have sunburn

I don't have any kids
But I like making dad jokes
I am a faux pa

I wake reluctant
Too cold to get out of bed
But I need to pee

Japanese poets
Overthrowing government
Is this a hai-coup?

I pour my heart out
And get like thirteen upvotes
Cat pic gets 80

I peed in your plant
You stole my lunch from the fridge
That's just life, sorry

Turkey fryer bought
from cable shopping channel
burns down trailer park.

Betty Lou surprised
to learn you can get pregnant
in church parking lot.

Lots of guilt to share.
What am I doing wrong now?
-        A Jewish mother.

Ask for opinions.
Mull it over. Then you can
Just do what you want.

Plants eat bad air, fart good air
thanks to the sunlight

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