Tuesday, September 22, 2020

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Some funnies from Ron T (USA)::

Thanks Ron.


An email from Philip G (Aust) about a significant inland rail moment:

Hi Otto,

Apart from Bytes and Landline not a lot of good news is provided to city dwellers. The following story was in a regional online newspaper - I saw it via the Boorowa News. The overall inland railway is big news but the small 100km section between Parkes and Narromine delivered a lot of benefit to regional locals and city based manufacturers.

Thought it might be of interest to your readers.

All the best. 


Thanks Philip.


Some funnies from Leo M (Aust):

Thanks Leo.


Some political comment from Tim B (USA) in response to the Joe Hildebrand article:

Greetings Otto,

A most interesting bytes on Saturday concerning the decay of modern politics. Joe Hildebrand hit the nail on the head with his six words that defined how one feels about their particular candidate. I’m assuming that when he says modern politics he is going back to the time Bill Clinton, womanizer par excellent, was caught with his pants down and still beat the impeachment conviction. My brother, a staunch liberal Democrat, told me,” He’s a c@#t, so what.” He didn’t actually say those very words, but he did say Clinton’s sex life was of no concern to him. The view of, what he/she can do for me is now the bottom line, character has no play in politics anymore. 

The US now has on the one side Trump, and on the other side, Biden/Harris, who you said nothing about. We dare not say “She’s a c*@t, so what” even though being the mistress of Willie Brown would surely be appropriate. I think also that it was Kamala Harris that said in the primary debates, Biden is not fit to govern, and I believe all women who have accused him of sexual harassment. 

Out of 350 million people you would think we could come up with better candidates, we don’t, so it all boils down to who is going to do better by me. Sad.

Stay safe Otto,

Tim B

PS: The electoral college is a stroke of genius by the founding fathers. It makes sure we are not governed by just the left and right coasts.

Thanks Tim.


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