Sunday, September 6, 2020

Thought for the Day

A happy Fathers Day, as it is in Australia, to all the dads today.

A short father story to go with Fathers Day.

One of my brothers, a knockabout sort of guy, lives in Tasmania with his wife and, in the past, numerous kids.  They live in the bush and occasionally travel "to town".  Years ago, when his kids were young, they were driving in town and he said to one of the children "That's the hospital where you were born."  One of the other kids, a girl, asked "Where was I born, Dad?"  Jokingly he replied ""Don't know, we found you in the gutter and took you home."  A couple of weeks later, when they were in town again, she said "Dad, can you show me which gutter you found me in?"  Awwww....

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