Friday, August 6, 2021


Next Tuesday we all have to file our online census form.

The following is from an article at on what not to do . . .
During the 2001 census, there was a debacle as thousands of people lied about their religion for a laugh. Officials knew they were lying because, well, it was pretty obvious. They identified as being from the religious order of the Jedi – which is a Star Wars reference.

Glenn Capuano, a demographer who worked at the ABS for 10 years, wrote . . . 
“A lot of people … answered ‘Jedi’, or some other variant such as ‘Jedi Knight’, ‘Jedi Master’, ‘Sith Lord’, or ‘Padawan’,” he explained for the religious question in the census. In the 2001 Census, there were just over 73,000 Jedi in Australia, or 0.37 per cent of the population. To put in perspective, if it was allowed as an ‘official’ religion, it would’ve been larger than the Salvation Army, Seventh Day Adventists, and only slightly smaller than Judaism.”
Census was furious, and put out an official statement disavowing any legitimate religious movement to the popular Star Wars franchise.

Census 2021: ABS to fine Australians $2200 for lying
Census night is fast approaching and there are serious consequences for anyone who decides not to answer questions properly.
August 5, 2021

So remember, next Tuesday is census night, not Jedi Knight.


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