Monday, March 28, 2022



Someone I know accidentally took home a set of keys which caused the cars of some of t he rest of us to be locked in the garage. It all ended up okay when the keys were sent back by Uber but she still felt bad. I told her the following tale and it occurs to me that it is worth posting in Bytes . . . 


A man wanted to know why bad things took place. He was advised to consult the Great Guru, who lived on a mountaintop, so made his way there. He climbed and climbed, eventually having to also deal with snow, ice and freezing cold.

At last he reached the summit and found the Great Guru sitting cross legged at the entrance of his cave, clad only in his robes.

“Oh Great Guru,” he said, “I am deeply troubled and have come to you seeking enlightenment. Can you tell me why bad things occur in life?”

The Great Guru looked him in the eye, paused and said:

“Shit happens.”



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