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The following item contains risqué language and unpleasant content in parts but is worth reprinting as a lesson in dealing with invasive journalism. I wonder if the chap will be representing himself in court.

The item is reprinted verbatim from and was published by that news site on Sunday, September 2022. It can be viewed by clicking on the following link:


‘F*** you’: Teen’s fiery response following alleged machete robbery

A teen has clashed with reporters in a fiery and expletive-laden affair after he was charged with robbing a store with a machete.

Hamish Spence

An 18-year-old boy has unleashed a fiery and vulgar tirade on two journalists after he allegedly robbed a Queensland service station with a machete.

The teen was confronted by a 7News and 9News journalist on Saturday at a Gold Coast police watchhouse in Southport after he was arrested and charged over the alleged crime.

The 18-year-old did not take kindly to the extra attention he was receiving from the reporters.

“I didn’t f***ing rob the store, get out of my f***ing face,” he shouted as he walked past the journalists.

“F*** you 7News, f*** you 9News.”

The Labrador teen was arrested and charged by police on Thursday night after police allege he robbed a Puma NightOwl service station on Government Rd while armed with a machete.

Police allege he threatened a 48-year-old female store attendant, who placed the till on the counter.

The 18-year-old then allegedly grabbed the cash and fled. He was arrested at a Government Rd park.

He was charged with armed robbery and drug possession after police allegedly found Xanax on him.

When asked by the reporters if he would be fighting the charges, the teen screamed “*** yes c***” as he stormed off into Southport Police Station.

But when he later emerged, the two journalists were still there waiting for him.

“Round two let’s go, give me the mic,” the teen said with a smirk on his face as he grabbed the journalists’ microphones.

“I didn’t rob that store, so you guys can go jam it up your a**.”

“I remember walking home and then I got arrested for some bull****.”

“Bro you’re re****ed, why would I go rob a store and then walk through the park and walk back to the place I just robbed?”

When asked by the 9News journalist how he found his night in the watchhouse, the teen decided to target the reporter’s family.

“Yeah pretty good. Your mum came around and she came visit me, I had a pretty good time,” he said.

“I’m probably going to see her again, that sounds like a good idea to me.”

The teen then turned his attention to the 7News journalist.

“I’m going to see his mum, then I’m going to see your sister,” he said pointing at the 7New reporter.

When the journalist revealed that he did not have a sister, the 18-year-old unleashed another verbal attack.

“Well you will in nine months won’t you,” he fired back with a smile on his face.

When the 7News journalist did not respond, the teen let out a slight chuckle.

“You don‘t get the joke because you’re re****ed,” he said.

Beyond the charges he is already facing, the 18-year-old was also banned from coming within 50m of the service station.

‘Good, it’s a sh** servo anyway,’ he said when asked about the ban by the reporters.


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