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From Philippa W in response to the Funny Friday post about cats . . .
Haha Otto,

Thanks for Funny Friday.

I love the limerick, and the cat-who-chewed-your-new-shoes. 🎶

However, even with the clever cartoons I cannot endorse those uses for a deceased cat. 🙄

Hope your day is going well.

Love, Pip
Thanks Pip.

Here are some pics to make up for that . . .


The article about customer service, or rather lack of customer service, resulted in some feedback . . .

From Phillip C:
Hi Otto,

Several years ago, I went to get my haircut at the usual place which was under new management.

When I walked in the young man behind the desk pointed to the chair which I dutifully sat in. He then continued his private phone conversation. After several minutes I got up and walked out and I am pretty sure he did not even notice me leave.

Fortunately, I am follicly challenged and could buy an electric hair trimmer to “cut” my own hair. So, my dollars were lost to the industry not just a local retailer.

PS About 12 months after my experience I notice the offending barber shop was no longer trading.


Thanks Phil.

From Ron T in the US:
Beautiful, brilliant, perfectly on point ! ! Your Bytes are always great. This one, however, will likely compete for the greatest.

I recently waited for counter service at my [now former] bank while the teller was finishing her lengthy chitchat with a friend of hers who concluded her banking business, but not their conversation.

PISSED - but Midwestern courtesies prevailed. Not that my account will put the bank into default, but I'm done, over, finished, and still pissed.

What tipped the scale was the teller, who saw me waiting, acted surprised to notice me there waiting.

Still pissed.
Thanks Ron

By the way, some favourite customer service anecdotes about Kerry Packer, Australia's richest man when he was alive . . .                                    ;

Around the mid-90s, late one night in some English village, Kerry Packer was riding the high of his polo team’s victory. With every intention of treating the fellas to a coupla schoobangers and a hearty feed, they rocked up at a pub. Given the hour, the kitchen was closed and they were turned away in less-than-polite fashion. 

At the next hotel over, Packer & Co. received the exact same news. Only this time, the owner was a touch more accommodating. 

“There’s some ham out the back and I can make you up some sandwiches,” he said. 

Naturally, after a spirited match and the nocturnal trek in search of some grub, Packer and his mates dug in with plenty of enthusiasm. The publican later returned with a bill for £128. Thankful an effort was made, Packer wrote him a cheque for their meals and drinks – with an additional £100,000 as a tip and a hilarious condition. 

“Before you bank it, take it to the other pub at the end of the village, and show it to the bloke who wouldn’t give us any grub.”  


He pushed $80,000 worth of chips towards a “deserving croupier.” She apparently blushed and explained it couldn’t be pocketed as tips were pooled amongst staff. So Packer called the manager, requested her firing on the threat of frequenting competing establishments, before handing her the chips.  “Now rehire this woman immediately.”


From Rob W in respect of the quote by Russell Crowe praising Australia, and the list of Oz facts . . .
Great promo. And I agree with Rusty - Sydney is one of the best cities in the world!

Can't understand, however, that the writer didn't give Canberra and surrounding regions a plug. "Great restaurants, roundabouts, and plenty of roadkill/road rage. Visit the quaint township of Queanbeyan, particularly if you enjoy being tailgated in 50 km zones. Stop in at the Hotel Queanbeyan for an awesome pub lunch. Don't believe what you hear about the Queanbeyan coppers. They're pussycats compared with that mob in Goulborn ". Hahaha
Thanks, Rob

From Vince C in response to the post about The Concert for George and While My Guitar Gently Weeps . . .

Thanks for this post, Otto. Loved every word. I read that the words "gently weeps" in the song came from George's habit of randomly opening a pages of a book, going to, say, the 10th line on that page and using the first two words of that line. I wonder if true. Vince
Thanks Vince.

From the Bytes post:
Inspiration for the song came to him when he was visiting his parents in Warrington, Cheshire, and he began reading the I Ching, or "The Book of Changes". As Harrison put it, "[the book] seemed to me to be based on the Eastern concept that everything is relative to everything else, as opposed to the Western view that things are merely coincidental." Embracing this idea of relativism, he committed to writing a song based on the first words he saw upon opening a book, which happened to be "gently weeps". Harrison continued to work on the lyrics after this initial writing session.


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