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‘Cocky’ is Australian slang for a small-scale farmer; (in later use often applied to) a substantial landowner or to the rural interest generally. In Australia there are a number of cockies including cow cockies, cane cockies and wheat cockies. Cocky arose in the 1870s and is an abbreviation of cockatoo farmer.

The following poem applies not only to Australia but world wide.



- Marc Glasby

Like my father before me
I work on the land
and I help feed a nation from sunlight and sand

I've seen the bush burn
and I've seen the land flood
So I give it my all with my sweat and my blood

I've seen the world change
as I've seen the sun rise
and I've seen my stock die right in front of my eyes

I've watched while my neighbours
walk away from their land
and the city folk care but they don't understand

Six generations
have toiled on this earth
the land of our dreams, the land of our birth

The land that we work
is what makes us whole
To just walk away is like losing our soul

My son's in the city
there's no future here
and my wife works in town for there's more bills to clear

I've seen how our town
has started to die
No bank and no doctor, not hard to see why

Pollies fly in
and then out the same day
Like sheep or like donkeys they bleat and they bray

When election time comes
they promise the earth
but their promises have neither substance or worth

So when the last farmer
walks off of the land
When you import your food, maybe you'll understand

When all we have now
is taken away
You'd better believe that you're all going to pay

                      February 2000 Townsville

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