Friday, April 1, 2011

More About the First Car Advertisement...

I have previously posted items about music, poetry, movies, bad jokes (and good jokes), racism, sexism and all sorts of other isms; items about love, friendship, sorrow and loss; items about Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, about Nazis, communists, fascists…. so what item gets the most feedback and discussion? Whether Winton or Daimler had the world’s first car ad.

Byter AV left a message on the blog:
If you like the Baker Electric visit Jay Leno's garage and take a ride in his 1909 model:
That was not about the ad, although it did refer to the item at the end of the post.

Following on from Byter Richard’s comment yesterday, and my response, I received an email from Byter Tobye from Atlanta, Georgia, who commented:
Isn't there a distinction to be made between a catalogue and an advertisement? I'm just sayin''s not exactly apples to apples here.
Then Byter Richard returned to the fray, having brought his big mate with him, one Stephen Meyn, who has his own website at:

Richard commented that the bar had been raised, then let his mate do the talking.  Stephen wrote the following item.  (I have been unable to save the pics of the vehicles concerned that accompanied the email so have added pics from various sources myself).
Well if your source is a solicitor I should mind my manners... here is the history as it goes:

(Click on the pics to enlarge).

1885 Daimler Reitwagen, the world first motorcycle built by Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach

1886 Benz presents the "Benz Patent Motorwagen" a tricycle, commonly regarded as the first automobile.

(That’s Herr Gottlieb Daimler in the back with his son Adolf driving. Otto)

1886 Daimler presents the Motorkutsche which has 4 wheels.

1889 Daimler Motor Quadricycle "Stahlradwagen"

1894 Benz brings the "Velo" on the market which is regarded as the first mass produced automobile. (not sure if that is the proper translation - in german this is called 'Serienautomobil').


Your friend is correct that Daimler Motorengesellschaft only started trading in 1890. Before that he seems to have traded in a private capacity.

Benz & Cie was formed in October 1883.

I can't find any evidence of actual advertising, however Karl Benz' wife Bertha certainly had a flair for PR by nicking her hubby's car and riding it with her two sons cross country to Pforzheim (166 km) in 1888.
So was it Winton or did Daimler do it?  I don't know but the quick look at the development of the motor car was fascinating.

Also fascinating was the reference to Bertha Benz, so much so that I had a look at her biography.  She was a most intriguing, strong and interesting person, so much so that it is worthy of a Bytes in her own right.  I will do so in future.  This si a pic of her:

Thanks to the persons who contributed comments.



  1. Hi Otto

    can't resist with another car trivia - are you aware that you share your first name with Nikolaus Otto who worked out the concept of the 4 stroke engine? Hence 4 stroke engines in Germany are often referred to Otto motors.

    Stephan (with an a)

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