Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Reader comment: Angel Place

Byter Charles comments:

I was troubled by the 1930s photo because I thought I had recently seen the image which was not consistent with the modern photos you have reproduced.

To assuage my curiosity, I have just visited Ash Street and the buildings there are essentially as they were in the 1930s. The earlier photo was taken from the northern end looking south. Much of Ash Street is now occupied by al fresco dining (Felix Restaurant is one of the major venues).

Ash Street is a dead end, although pedestrians can access George Street though a laneway. Perhaps it was an open road when the earlier photo was taken, otherwise the car would have had to do a fair bit of manoeuvring to turn around (without power steering).

(Maybe Ash Street was part of Angel Place in the 1930s - hence the confusion?).
Charles is probably right.  My identification of the photograph as Angel Place was taken from the source, the State Library of NSW:

A quite large version of the image can be viewed by clicking on:


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