Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Movie Moments: #51

Charlie & Boots (2009)

If you ate a restaurant meal or a Sunday roast every day, you would eventually crave a hamburger or a Chiko Roll.  That’s why it is fun to also watch movies that are enjoyable, notwithstanding that they are panned by the critics and haven’t been nominated for Oscars.  Charlie and Boots us such a movie.  I’m not a great Paul Hogan fan but found this film engaging and watchable.

Upon the death of his wife, Victorian farmer Charlie  goes into a deep depression.  His son Boots decides to make him honour a childhood promise to go fishing off the most northern point of Australia, Cape York.  From there on its an Oz road movie.

Watch the credits for the scene where Charlie and Boots are driving across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Paul Hogan worked as a painter on the bridge prior to making it as an actor/comedian.

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