Saturday, June 25, 2011

Movie Moments: #67

The Boys from Brazil (1978)

Yesterday I posted a Movie Moment about Marathon Man, a film in which Sir Laurence Olivier portrayed evil former SS officer Christian Szell.  That character was based on the real life Dr Josef Mengele, a German SS officer and doctor at Auschwitz who performed experiments on humans.  Two years later in The Boys from Brazil, Gregory Peck played Dr Josef Mengele and Sir Laurence Olivier portrayed aging Nazi-hunter Ezra Lieberman, a character based on the real life Simon Wiesenthal.  It was a film ahead of its time in its predictions about cloning.

An aging Nazi-hunter discovers a plot to clone Hitler’s genes and to recreate the events in Hitler’s life so as to restore the Third Reich.

Ezra Lieberman: [his conclusion after knowing things about the cloning process and who is going to be cloned] Not Mozart. Not Picasso. Not a genius who would enrich the world. But... Adolf Hitler.

Movie trailer:

When this movie was being made, the real Josef Mengele was still alive in São Paulo, Brazil. He died in 1979, shortly after the movie's release.

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