Friday, June 10, 2011

Movie Moments: #54

The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976)

One of the better PP films, with the classic Cato attack scenes and the classic It’s not my dog! line. 

Too complex and too much happening to summarise in a few lines.  Suffice to say that Clouseau has now driven Inspector Dreyfus around the twist to the point where Dreyfus spends the movie trying to kill him.

Clouseau:: Does your dog bite?
Hotel Clerk:: No.
Clouseau:  [bowing down to pet the dog] Nice doggie.
[Dog barks and bites Clouseau in the hand]
Clouseau:: I thought you said your dog did not bite!
Hotel Clerk::  That is not my dog.

The Pink Panther was a large diamond featured in the first two Clouseau movies, The Pink Panther (1963) and The Return of the Pink Panther.  Because the Pink Panther image was so strongly associated with Inspector Clouseau and with the cartoon pink panther in the opening credits, all future films had the words Pink Panther in the title and no longer mentioned the gem.

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