Sunday, December 15, 2013


What?? You’ve never heard of eyebombing? Well, neither had I until I came across the following photo:

That led me to look into it further and discover that there is actually an eyebombing movement started by 2 Danes who have their own website deidicated to the activity. This is the site:


According to the above website:

Eyebombing is the art of sticking “googly eyes” onto an inanimate object in the public sphere, in a way that cleverly lends the object the appearance of a living creature.  
Ultimately the goal is to humanize the streets, and bring sunshine to people passing by.


1. Only images of inanimate objects with wiggle eyes - NOT stickers.

2. Only images taken in the public space.


We created the site and flickr group, as an umbrella for all the incredibly creative eyebombers out there who challenge their surroundings to view the world differently. We hope to inspire aspiring eyebombers to help out, and bring a little smile to fellow citizens running about their busy daily lives. 
What makes Eyebombing different from traditional types of street art like tagging, sticking, stencils is the purpose. The above forms are largely driven by egocentric behaviour, like getting seen, respect and maybe a hope to get famous, often using vandalism as modus operandi. 
Eyebombing as urban art is only about the message itself. It’s not a fight for the public space, its to be seen as a lovely addition to that space. An addition that hopefully brings a smile, and brightens someones day. The eyebombers use humour and wit to reach its audience, not vandalism or provocation.


The idea and name was hatched by 2 Danish eyebombers, in an effort to define and refine a largely neglected and overlooked form of street art.


More eyebomb pics in future posts.

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