Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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Not in an attempt for one-upmanship, but I still do peel apples this way, as taught by my mother. As one of now great age (but less than your Dad), I went to primary school during the 1939-45 war and no tuckshops in those days. Mum had found that she could peel an apple with continuous peel, leave it attached to the apple at the bottom, and then re-wind the peel before putting it in the lunchbox. This stopped the apple going brown between the time she did it in the morning and when I ate it at lunchtime, fresh as a daisy. Oranges likewise were routinely peeled that way and their continuous peels made better ‘pretend’ yo-yo’s, being more springy.

All this with a sharp kitchen knife – there were no little plastic peelers in those days!

Lapun Pinis

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