Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Reader Comment and More About Dead Cats . . .

Following on from Jess’ sick cat Funny Friday, which included some items from a book 101 Uses for a Dead Cat, I received an email from Dianne, a long term friend and Byter from Holland:


Loved your Bytes but wouldn’t Jess be upset with this?

[I will interrupt Dianne’s email at this point to say that I also received an email from Jess:
Haha made my day ^_^

Continuing Dianne's email:

There is a dead cat picture I saw on TV last week in Holland. A grown up young man had a cat and it died, he couldn’t part with it so he had it stuffed, spreadeagled with all 4 legs and made it into a drone and had a remote control put into it. He took it to the local park, turned on the engine and here is this cat, spreadeagled, flying through the air doing all sorts of tricks and flying around. It didn’t take long for people to arrive and have a look, some thought it was funny and some thought it was sick humor but as he explained, he can still play with his cat.

I must admit it looked so funny flying through the air and it’s a true story.

As the cat landed he showed the cameraman how they stuffed and made it fit onto a frame with the engine inside.

Take care.


Dianne is quite right about what she says. 

In June 2012 Dutch artist Bart Jansen had his dead cat, Orville, stuffed and turned into a remote-controlled flying helicopter. He called his creation the "Orvillecopter" and, according to Jansen, “After a period of mourning, he received his propellers posthumously.” There are plans to put more powerful engines and larger propellors on Orville on his birthday.

See Orville fly by clicking on:

Some Orville pics:

Jansen with his Orvillecopter

Jansen with radio control helicopter flyer Arjen Beltman, who helped construct the Orvillecopter

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