Monday, January 27, 2014

Some emails received

Because of the mountains of daily spam and advertising received on this blog when comments were enabled generally, I have limited comments to subscribers. Such comments are able to be posted on the blog itself or can be sent in response to the daily blog email.

Below are some of the recent emails received.

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From Byter Charlie regarding the honey factlet:

Otto –

I happen to be in New Zealand and went to the Arartaki Honey Centre near Napier yesterday, where they tell you everything you would ever want to know about honey, including the non spoiling characteristic, which dates back to some found in Egyptian tombs. So the honey being made today by bees doing their thing will still be good on January 23, 6499!

At my age i don't even buy green bananas, but perhaps some of your readers plan to be around then!



#1: The honey stays good because it has a high sugar content in its cured state and this inhibits fermentation. If it is exposed to moist air, the moisture can be sucked into the honey and, if in sufficient quantity, it will dilute the honey and allow fermentation to begin. The ideal form of sealing and preservation is honey in honeycomb cells.

#2: Why aren’t there any King Bees?

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From Elena regarding the nightmare factlet:

... after having read the last one re nightmares, it reminded me of the Irish banshee which I find rather interesting. Then going on from there M.R. James’ ghost stories, even now years after they were written they still send shivers down the spine, far more so than the modern writers. 


I haven’t read any of James’ ghost stories but I do recall from my younger days that the black magic and occult novels of Dennis Wheatley used to send a shiver up the spine when read alone at night.

Do readers have recollections of others?

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From Byter Dee Bee/Lapun Pinis re Dale, the father who waved goodbye to his 16 year old son Rain aboard the school bus for 6 months wearing a different costume each day:

Onya Dale! A great attitude and the ultimate right way to handle the problem.

The “Father from Heaven” may have been a better intro!

And from Nora on the same subject:

Thank you so much for this story it really touched a chord deep in my heart... Cried like a bloody baby. 


Dale and Rochelle are the parents of daughter Rikki, son Rain and son Ryatt. Rikki is married and is receiving treatment for thyroid cancer, Rain is doing missionary work in Liberia in Africa and Ryatt is in high school. He does not ride the bus.

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From Kara regarding the post about my mother and father in law in Canberra, Margaret and Noel.  Margaret broke her hip on Christmas Eve.

Dear Otto

That was a lovely story but sad too and brought tears to my eyes. Your mother-in-law has had to suffer through much but clearly her strength of character and support of (truly) the love of her life, and family, continue to help her through. So much better of course that the latest fall had never happened but when you think about it wasn't it great that, if it was going to be so, it happened while you were all there. Imagine the alternative, Kate's parents having to cope on their own until help arrived, a frightening telephone call on Christmas Eve, and a frantic dash for yourselves to organise flights etc to be with them.

Wonderful photographs of Noel and Margaret. I look forward to a future Bytes showing the happy couple on their 60th Anniversary.

Best Wishes for 2014 to you and yours - and many thanks for all you share through Bytes. Long may it continue.


PS I did take slight umbrage when I first saw 'Hello Boys . . . ' what about us girls?

From Maria and Chris:

So sorry to hear of Margaret's fall on Christmas Day. Every best wish for her speedy recovery

Maria & Chris

And from Jen:

I think this was one of the most beautiful and inspiring stories I ever heard, ye love is incredible, it doesn't have age, distance or absence, thanks so much for sharing. My best wishes for her quick recovery.
Regards Jenny


Thanks for the well wishes, I have passed them on. Margaret remains in hospital although she has now progressed to the rehabilitation section. The powers that be are trying to get her home and rehab includes climbing stairs. A stair lift will be installed at home if necessary. The time frame remains unknown.

Here is another pic of the happy couple on their wedding day just short of 60 years ago.

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As regards my use of the following clipart item to introduce that post:

and for which Kara took me to task as being sexist, I agree that there should have been a bit more thought on my part.  The pic is of Randy Quaid, who speaks that line when he sends his plane into the alien spacecraft via the ships anal sphincter.  It was my intention to announce that I was back after a Christmas break.  I should have used:

Which also gives me an opportunity to repeat a bit of humour posted previously:

A top movie producer was discussing his new project - an action docudrama about famous composers starring several top movie stars.
Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis were present.
The producers allowed each man to choose which famous composer they would portray.
Stallone said, "I'll play Beethoven."
Bruce Willis said, "I'll be Mozart."
Schwarzenegger said, "I'll be Bach."

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