Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday's Mixed Bag

A potpourri of items to start the week:

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A valentine by Alex to Jodie on Valentine’s Day last week published in the Launceston Examiner in Tasmania:

Wonder if Alex is still sleeping on the couch.

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Btw, according to the Online Dictionary, the word "potpourri" has the following meanings:

1. a collection of mixed flower petals dried and preserved in a pot to scent the air
2. a collection of unrelated or disparate items; miscellany
3. (Music, other) a medley of popular tunes
4. (Cookery) a stew of meat and vegetables

The Online Etymology Dictionary says this about the word:

  • The word dates from the 1610's and means "mixed meats served in a stew." The word comes from the Spanish “olla podrida”, meaning “rotten pot”, a reference to the meats in the stew. The French borrowed it and translated it to pot pourri, the word “pourri” meaning "to rot".
  • The notion of it being a medley led to it being applied to a mixture of dried flower and spices, first recorded in English in 1749.
  • The sense of a "miscellaneous collection" is recorded from 1855.

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Son Thomas thought I was unfair to spiders in last week’s Funny Friday and brought the following to my attention:

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Given the couple of Hitler and Churchill posts last week, it is apt to repost the following:

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