Thursday, February 27, 2014

Winter Pics

Byter Sue sent me a pic of a dog standing on a mass of frozen herring with the commentary that it was a photo taken on the small Norwegian island of Lovund when a cold wind swept over and froze solid the herring, which were swimming too close to the surface. This happened in mid January this year. Ingolf Kristiansen, the man who took the photo, told the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation that he's never seen this happen before. According to him, the fish currently remain frozen, the mirror image of Icarus.

Some other pics of the same event . . .

. . . and some other photos of frozen scenes, including snap freezing similar to the above:

A frozen fox

Frozen boat

Flash freezing of water in a forest

Frozen lighthouse, Michigan

Block of ice looking like a dripping cloud

Frozen toilet water

Frozen methane bubbles, Antartica

Frozen stop sign, Russia

Frozen ocean and one brave horse and rider

Frozen geyser

Frozen statue
(Looks like former PM Malcolm Fraser, don't you think?)


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