Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bubblewrap art

When I was looking into bubble wrap humour, posted last Friday, I came across bubble wrap art. The ingenuity, diversity and often the weirdness of artistic styles, media and materials seems neverending.

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Canadian artist Bradley Hart creates art works by injecting the bubbles on bubble wrap with acrylic paint.

According to Hart:

"The idea of using bubble wrap came from a few experiences where overzealous museum security guards instructed patrons not to touch works of art and a leftover roll of bubble from wrapping my first solo show in NYC. After researching the material, I found that bubble wrap was originally invented in 1957 as a modern form of wall covering; an experiment or product that failed. My first piece in the series (not shown), 'Fulfilling My Creator's Intended Purpose', is bubble wrap stretched over a stretcher and signed, paying homage to its original use and at the same time flipping its usage as protective covering for art into art itself."

Hart says that injecting the paint is somewhat of a science and, even though he's mastered it, it still takes him on average 150 hours for each painting. He also spends two to three days putting all of the paint into syringes. One of Hart's most famous paintings is of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Hart says that he injected over 16,000 bubbles and used 89 different colours just for this one portrait. The result is a pixielated looking picture:

Some more pics and a close up detail:

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Artist Mary Yim Kliauga paints on bubblewrap to create texture in her be111111autiful paintings:

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"Benjamin Franklin" (detail). Inkjet print on bubblewrap, 2011.

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