Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sony World Photography Awards 2014, Part 1

The Sony World Photography Awards have announced the winners of their Open, Youth, and National Award competitions. The winners were selected from over140,000 images in 70,000 entries submitted by photo enthusiasts and amateurs from across the world. 

Overall winners and the judging of the final categories are to be announced on April 30.

From the awards website:

The Sony World Photography Awards is widely recognised as the leading global photographic awards programme in existence today. Launched in 2008, the awards are dedicated to supporting and cultivating photographic culture. Through a range of annual competitions, we hope to discover new talent in the world of photography and moving image. Whether you are just starting out or a fully-fledged professional you can enter whichever competition you believe suit your level and experience.

The categories are:

Professional Competition - for serious photographers.
Open Competition - for amateurs and enthusiasts.
Student Focus - for those studying photography.
Youth Award - for anyone aged 19 and under.

Photographs, moments frozen in time, are fascinating not only from the photographic standpoint but also becuase of what is depicted, insights and glimpses of foreign cultures and people, images that make us sad, angry (look at the horse photo below), smile, frown . . .

A selection of announced winners and placegetters follows (Part 2 during next week).  Captions are by the photographers.

* * * * * * * *

Winner, Hong Kong, National Awards: In July each year, a heart-pounding scene of wildebeest migration repeats itself in Kenya.

Second Place, Hong Kong, National Awards: Fire Dragon festival in Macau.

Winner, Peru, National Awards: A man sells balloons in a cemetery in the capital Lima, Peru.

Second Place, Negai-bun Wonh, China, National Awards: Horse fighting in Rongshui, Guangxi, China.

Winner, Travel, Open Competition: My photo "Rain in Ancient Town" was shot in southern China - Phoenix Town - which shows a scene of people travelling in the rain during the rainy season. In the background there are old residential buildings and an old stone bridge.

Winner, Poland, National Awards: Tatiana, a resident in the village of Szack, Ukraine, and her horse.

Winner, Architecture, Open Competition: In an office building in Cologne I went down to the base of this staircase, set up my tripod, and fixed it in the middle with a wide-angle 10-24mm lens. 

Second Place, Singapore, National Awards: A young boy tries on the mask of a masked dancer who is having a breather after his physically grueling dance, at the festival at Tamshing Lhakhang in Bumthang, Bhutan. September 2013.

Winner, Panoramic, Open Competition: A stitched panorama capturing the Milky Way arch form south to north above the lighthouse in Capo Spartivento, south Sardinia, at 4am, in April of 2013.

Winner, Youth, Culture Category: This image is from a larger project about racism within ballet as a profession.

Third Place, Nordics, National Awards: This photo I captured after an hour of patience. Suddenly the sky turned white and this image appeared on my camera screen.

Winner, Youth, Environment Category: This photo was taken at Kawranbazar Slum, Dhaka; where people live along with two rail tracks on both of the sides and when there is no train, this rail tracks become their common space. I realized that this place has a lot of visual potential. One day, while returning home after a day long shoot (not having very interesting photos) suddenly I saw, one little girl feeding a kid standing just right in the middle of the two tracks. At that moment the rail tracks were telling me that this should be my frame and I clicked.

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