Tuesday, March 18, 2014

More works of street art

How amazing are some of the street art works featured below and in past posts.

Take the time to have a look at each, not just a glimpse and a scroll to the next but an actual look.

How was the work created?  
Is its function simply decorative, or amusing, or is there also a message that is sought to be conveyed?
Was that message effectively communicated?  
How does the work make you feel?  
What was your initial reaction on seeing it?  
Have you seen anything like it before?  
How does it compare with works in galleries?
How effectively has the environment, wall etc been incorporated where utilising a natural feature?

Take, for example, "Love" . . .

Which of the two do you prefer?  Whys?  Have you noticed that the second of the two has the hands and arms bloodied?  Why is that?  Is it one person or four?  Does the blood suggest being a victim or a perpetrator of violence.  How does that relate to the message?  Is the first work more powerful from being more abstract and with less to distract?  Lots to think about.

Here are some more:

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