Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Miscellany - Some Odds, Ends and Personals

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In response to last weeks post on “People From The Past Who Remind Us What ‘Cool’ Really Means!”, I received an email from regular responder Sue. 

Sue’s email is as follow:

HI Otto 
You may not want to touch this, but it makes a stark juxtaposition to today:
These type of images have been shown to influence opinion and reaction to real violence, not to mention the women who have been victims of violence who are repelled (conservatively 1/6 of total market audience). So why do we keep seeing things like this? What message does it give to my daughters in comparison to the images you posted today?

Some comments:

· I have previously posted about sexist advertising and depictions of violence against women in advertising but Sue’s links take it further. I am not going to post pics from those articles because of their offensive content and because that is what the advertisers are probably seeking, controversial dissemination.  That they are fashion photos from supposedly intelligent people make them all the mnore obscene.  I invite you to click on Sue's links and see for yourself.

· Why would someone think that it is okay to depict women in gang rape scenarios on an Indian bus to advertise the clothing being worn? Sick. 

· Okay, I hear someone say, that was in India, it wouldn’t happen here? Think so? Look at the Dolce & Gabbana ads in the first link, Calvin Klein jeans, Marc Jacobs.

· The explanation of the photographer of the Indian bus rape tableau, following on from the fatal gang rape in New Delhi last year? . . . “This is in no way meant to glamorize the act, which was very bad. It’s just a way of throwing light on it.” Sick, sick, sick

· The second link is even worse in depiction of violence towards women to sell fashion, clothes and shoes. Advertisers include Johnny Farah Belts, Bags and Accessories, more CK, Loula Shoes, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Vogue . . .

· How can this be? Are the ads created by men who have rape fantasies and believe that such ads will sell? Do they sell? Who is doing the buying, is it not mostly women? I was disgusted simply looking at the ads so how must women feel?

· I know which brands I will never touch again when buying for myself or buying gifts.

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From Rosie in response to the post on dangerous school journeys worldwide:

It's so sad. And my children complain about the heated school bus because they can't get wifi!! 
We are sooo lucky!!

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From David in response to the Funny Friday theme of funerals:

I am reminded of an occasion with my Father and his brother-in-law, both well into their eighties,s at the funeral of a friend. As the crematorium service ended Uncle Bill turned to my father and said "Charlie, is it worth us going home?" (It was for Bill - he lived to a few days short of his 100th birthday)

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