Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Some news items this week . . .

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The Colombian Women’s Cycling Team has earned the title of the worst sporting uniform ever. The problem is that the uniform, proudly displayed this week during the Tour of Tuscany, has a flesh coloured band across the middle, which is fine when you stand close to the wearer:

. . . but from a distance there is a different impression:

There are suspicions that it may be a publicity stunt but the internet comments are that even if it is, it is still a big fail.

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And to show that Bytes is a non sexist, politically correct blog, here is the Colombian Men’s Cycling Team uniform:

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Some other uniform fails:

The Australian Swimming Team uniform at this year’s Commonwealth Games drew flak for focus on the groin areas:

This is the uniform of the Seattle Sounders football club:

Australia's Ben Harradine didn't leave much to the imagination in his muscle suit during the men's discus competition at the 2012 Diamond League athletics meet in London in July:

The Stade Francais uniform:

D Wanka is a Peruvian football team, Deportivo Wanka, formed in 1996 and named after the Wanka people who formerly lived in the region:

The 4 man Australian sculls team show their 2012 Olympics gold medals, amongst other things.

The Scottish team uniform at this year’s Commonwealth Games. 

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A tongue was in the news this week, but more of that in a moment.

Some celebrated tongues:

Now meet Nick Stoeberl from California who has secured his place in the 2015 Guinness World Records book for having the longest tongue. It measures 10.1cm from the tip to the middle of the closed top lip.

According to Guinness World Records the average tongue is 10cm long when measured from the oropharynx - the place in the back of the throat where the tongue begins - to the tip. In other words, the part of Stoeberl's tongue that extends beyond the lips is longer than the average person's tongue in its entirety.

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A lifesize bronze statue of Amy Whitehouse has been unveiled Camden, London on what would have been her 31st birthday. It portrays her in high heels and with her trademark beehive hairdo, which has a live red rose. 

According to sculptor Scott Easton the pose was designed to capture her strength but also hint at insecurity. “The hand on the hip, the turn of the head, the grabbing of the skirt, the turned-in foot — these are all small elements that contribute to the personality of the piece.”

A kiss by Amy's dad

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