Wednesday, February 18, 2015

PM's and POTUS's

(I realise that the above heading doesn't work because POTUS's as an abbreviation reads President of the United Stateses but turn a blind eye to that).

Having recently posted a pic of Oz PM Billy McMahon meeting Richard Nixon, with wife Sonia in THAT dress, here are some more pics of OZ PM’s meeting their US counterparts . . .

President Truman and Ben Chifley (right), May 1946

Robert Menzies (right) with US President Eisenhower, Ambassador Percy Spender and Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, 1958

President Kennedy with Australian Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies at the White House on 8 July 1963. 
From left to right: Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Australian Ambassador to the United States Sir Howard Beale, Sir Robert Menzies, JFK, Vice President Lyndon Johnson, Unidentified.

President Lyndon Baines Johnson and Clive Palmer Robert Menzies, June 1965

Prime Minister Harold "All the Way with LBJ" Holt (left) with U.S. President Lyndon Baines Johnson, October 1966.

John Gorton (left) and POTUS Johnson, May 1968

John Gorton (left) and Richard Nixon, May 1969

William McMahon (right) and Richard Nixon, March 1971

Gough Whitlam (left) and Richard Nixon, 1973

Malcolm Fraser (right) and Jimmy Carter, January 1980

Malcolm Fraser (left) and Ronald Reagan, July 1981, with a saddle and stockwhip presented to POTUS

Bob Hawke (right) and Ronald Reagan, 1986

Paul Keating (left) and Bill Clinton, 1994

John Howard (left) and Bill Clinton, June 1997

Pres George W Bush presents John Howard with the Medal of Freedom

Kevin Rudd (left) and George Dubya Bush

Julia Gillard (right) and Barack Obama, November 2010

Tony Abbott (left rear) and Barack Obama

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