Saturday, April 29, 2017

Postcards from NSW, Part 2


Continuing the post of pics and commentary sent by Leo. 

Additional comments and images by me at the end of items.

A passenger train in the days of steam power.

Additional comment:

The railway station at North Wollongong today . . .


Another nice view from those long-gone days of bagged wheat transport.

Additional comment:

Some further images of wheat transportation in the past:

Carting bagged wheat.

Horse and bullock teams queue to deliver bagged wheat to the Forbes storage, 1916

A C class engine and train head out of the station at Forbes, through a canyon formed by bagged wheat stacks.

Large stacks and truckloads of bagged wheat waiting to be shipped from a wharf at Port Wakefield, South Australia.

Unloading and stacking bagged wheat, Forbes

Wheat stacking after trucks replaced horses and carts

Additional comment:

The above pic came with no comment although the photograph itself has a caption that it is Como Railway Station.

Como is a suburb of Sydney located about 27 kilometres south of the Sydney CBD. The railway station at Como was opened in 1895 and was replaced by a new station in 1972.

The station today

Como Railway Bridge and Railway Station, c1905

The Como Hotel, view showing the original railway bridge and original Como station platform

Fisherman's hut, Como, Georges River c1900-1910

Como Public School in the 1920’s

Additional comment:

No caption with original photo, the photo itself identifies it as the Armidale Railway Station.

Armidale is located in Northern NSW and is about halfway between Sydney and Brisbane.

The railway station commenced operations in 1883.

I found a copy of the above pic in the State Archives records identifying it as having been taken on 21 December, 1930. It’s interesting that people are journeying on New Year’s Eve during the Great Depression.

Armidale Railway Station today

Recruitment rally, Armidale 1917

Additional comment:

No comment with the original email but the photograph has a caption “Despatching chaff, Glen Innes”.

Additional comment:

No comment with the original email but the photograph has a caption “Arrival and departure of teams Moree railway yard”.

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