Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Readers Write



From David B in respect of Sonny Bill Williams objecting to bank sponsorship displayed on his club jersey:
I do find the snippet about Sonny Bill Williams very disturbing. Because he has been told by his imaginary friend that "banks, alcohol and gambling companies" are wrong he is allowed to cover their logo. But would someone who has well thought out ethical objections to the same companies be allowed the same concession? I doubt it.

From Kerrie B about the film What We Did on Our Holiday:
Loved the movie, Otto

From Tobye P in respect of the execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg:
Hi Otto, I think since the release of the Venona Project the guilt of the Rosenbergs, Alger Hiss and many others like the Cambridge Five (Anthony Blunt, Guy Burgess etc.) has been documented as fact. Actually, this proves that Joe McCarthy was right about there being commies in the US government, and the British government as well. Because many of these were upper class (excepting the Rosenbergs) they got a pass. How could – Alger, Anthony, Guy etc.-be guilty of espionage? They went to the right schools and belonged to the right clubs-it can’t be them! The perfect cover story. Of course Don Maclean and Guy Burgess gave the game away when they sought refuge in Russia when their discovery was imminent. I’d say the Brits did a little better at weeding theirs out than the Yanks did-but we may never know how deep it went.  
But it’s all veeery iiinteresting! 
I hope you’re feeling better every day! 
Regards, Tobye


I haven’t had time to go into it deeply but Tobye is right, that the Venona decryption project results released in 1995 have clearly shown Julius Rosenberg’s guilt. Ethel Rosenberg’s guilt is less clearcut and there are those (their sons included) who campaign for her exoneration. 

Not exactly a Readers Write item but something worth sharing . . . 

Kate and I spent the first few days of Easter with Kate’s dad, Noel, in Canberra.

Driving back home, Kate sent a text message to son Elliot on my phone to enquire as to the wellbeing of Tux and Kane:

That’s Tux in the front and Kane behind.

Kate’s message to Elliot: How are our boys?

Elliot: Sold one and ate one. Tasted like chicken.

Myself to Elliot: Which one did you eat?

Elliot: Well, couldn’t sell Kane.

Message from daughter Acacia, who travelled to Blackpool in the UK from Dubai for a wedding, in response to my message to her that I was in Canberra:

“I’m in the UK freezing my ass off.”

She sent this pic:

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