Thursday, April 13, 2017

Some vintage Easter cards

Either those bunny midwives are midgets or the chick coming out of the egg is giant. Either way the interspecies thing is a bit weird.

Mega creepy and not sure what the disembodied heads in flowers have to do with Easter.

There’s a large collection of Easter cards that have little girls’ heads in flowers (why never any boys???) so I’ll end that series here. Often times the same face is in different flowers, one looking up and smiling, one looking down and serious.

Nothing says Easter more than a rabbit holding a skillet whilst a hen lays an egg into it with one of her young chicks watching. “No, Mummy!! That’s my brother or sister!”

You know how in The Simpsons the fish in the river near the Springfield nuclear power plant have 3 eyes and two heads? Well, meet the dancing Easter bunnies from Chernobyl.

“Does my bum look big in this shell?”

Easter, the time when young girls dress provocatively, boys dress as clowns and we all celebrate the birth of a giant chicken. Boy, back then they sure got the message of Easter.

A weary traveller chicken refreshes with a beer at an outdoor liquor sales trestle whilst others carouse nearby. It must be Easter.

Is there anything about this card that strikes you as odd? Yep, the “A” in “A Happy Easter” is lower case.

“Aw c’mon, it’s Easter.”

The words are in German and mean “A Happy Easter”. If anyone can come up with an inappropriate Easter card, it would have to be the Germans. Let’s be clear, though. The rabbit isn’t going out to kill something, it’s standing guard, as indicated by the sentry box behind it. So if it’s guarding the eggs, this is . . .the Easter Bunny!

A captured rabbit performs in Chicken Circus. 

What a load of cobblers. Chickens don’t hatch out of eggs like that!

A great card to send to children. Or is the cover of a Stephen King book?

A companion card to the one earlier. Note that is a personal longhand note on the bottom right, indicating someone actually sent this.

Another Easter card featuring genetic mutations. This is the Egghead family.

Not many people realise that the Easter Bunny is actually quite militaristic and that he doesn’t take crap from anybody.

Two adorable young girls getting more baby chicken skins for more coats. It’s like Silence of the Lambs meets Easter.

At least they took the Easter Bunny prisoner instead of shooting him but who knows whether rabbit stew was on the menu that night.

Just too creepy for words, especially ghost dad top right

Why is the bunny bleeding? Put the bunny back in the box.

“I knew I’d catch you sooner or later with these dummy eggs, you SOB! “ The good ol’ Germs again.


Although, future generations may well be looking at us and our cards in the same fashion . . .


  1. These are beautiful and impressive cards for easter. I will get some of these printed to give to my friends. Thanks for sharing.

  2. wow... These cards are so cute. Seems like a flower is wrapped in a flower. Because kids are also like flowers and innocent creature of God.


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