Thursday, May 4, 2017

Looking Back: More Inappropriate Ads from the Past



Ad for Mr Leggs, 1960

Ad by the Rice Council of America, 1967

Pear’s Soap apparently can turn black skin white – racist ad for Pear’s Soap, c 1890

“Want the thrill of imposing your will on someone? Or making someone do exactly what you order?” Especially a woman in a sexy outfit in the lounge room of your home? Get this book, fulfil your fantasies. 1950’s ad from the backs of comic books.

For a version less subtle . . . 

The couch in the back makes the message even more obvious.

1970’s ad for Jade East aftershave – “If she doesn’t give it to you get it yourself.”

And again . . .


“Ring Around Rosie. Or Carol. Or Eleanor, etc. Fun. But you can only play if you wear Broomsticks slacks.” 

Creepy rape-style ad for men’s slacks, 1960’s.

A serial offender for sexist, misogynist advertising:


“Now the new mistress of the home can go right ahead with some of those girlhood dreams - planning lovely meals for her man . . .” Ad, 1950’s

In the same vein:


World War 2 ad

Wrong on so many levels that there is no need to list them. From 1952.

What is it about women and mowers???...


1950’s ad, not sure what the lad is holding behind his back.

It’s actually an ad for cellophane . . .

But this one isn't . . .

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