Sunday, July 9, 2017

Mea Culpa

One of the items in last Friday's Funny Friday post had some names and words mucked up. As Maxwell Smart used to say . . .

Here is the correct version:

Moshe and Levi had been business partners for the past 50 years. They were in the wholesale clothing business and lately business was not as glorious as it had been. They had bought 400 polka dot dresses and no one seemed the slightest bit interested in them. After holding on to the dresses for almost a year, the two had practically given up hope on them, when a middle aged woman walked into their showroom. After seeing the dresses she was so excited about the polka dot design that she wanted to purchase all 400 dresses on the spot. Totally elated, Levi tried to play it cool and negotiated a great price with the woman. When they were just about ready to close the deal she mentioned the she would need to get approval from her boss before continuing. Being that it was close to the end of the day, she said she would phone them by 9:30 the next morning if there was a problem. Otherwise the deal would be on. After a sleepless night, Levi and Moshe stood anxiously by the phone the next day. At 9:28 the phone rang and Levi breathlessly answered the call while Moshe waited anxiously. “Good news!” said Levi. “It was your wife saying your mother just died!”

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