Monday, July 17, 2017

Readers Write and Monday Miscellany



From Tobye P:

So sorry to hear about Kate’s accident-looks like she took a nasty fall-I hope she will mend quickly with no complications.

Did they break the mould with Prince Philip or what? I love that guy! What a card. Thanks for the quote!

Best Wishes, Tobye
Thanks Tobye.

From Robyn T:
Hi Otto

Always at least days behind with email I have just read that Kate has sustained a rather nasty injury so kindly convey to her my wishes for her speedy recovery. No doubt same will be facilitated by the dedicated Stichter team.

Loved the Bytes about the good old days of our childhood. You family photo with parents and siblings looks very much like mine of the same era with parents and two brothers. Indeed our clothes look very similar to those worn by you and your siblings and whilst ours had no obvious ethnic connections they were all made by my Mum. In the interests of the family economy she even made my school uniforms, blazers included, right up until my first years at high school which caused me great discomfort at the time but encouraged me to take up sewing, including design and pattern cutting, with a vengeance at the earliest opportunity.


Robyn T
Thanks Robyn. More of the "Remember . . .?" to come.

From Enid C, in respect of the Dunkirk post:
Hi Otto,

I come from Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppey and remember hearing of all the little boats. Just in case you haven't seen                             . . .

Thanks for all your research.

Hope Kate's arm is not too painful now.

Thanks Enid.

The link given by Enid shows the Sheerness involvement, including:


HMS Calcutta, Light Cruiser. 1,856 men saved.
HMS Vivacious, Destroyer. 5 trips. 1,649 men saved.
HMS Locust, Gun Boat. 2,036 men saved.
HMS Mosquito, Gun Boat 3 trips. 1,000+ men saved
HMS Golder Eagle, Auxiliary Anti-Aircraft Vessel. 3 trips. 1,750 men saved.
HMS Royal Eagle, Auxiliary Anti-Aircraft Vessel. 4 trips. 4,015 men saved.
HMS Roebuck, Mobile Balloon Barrage Vessel. 1 trip. 689 men saved.
HMS Vimy, Destroyer. 4 trips 1,472 men saved
Monarda Minesweeper 2 trips 180 men saved
​MONA'S ISLE, Armed Boarding Vessel.​ 3 trips. 2,634 men saved
HMS Shearwater, Corvette (Harwich) 300 men saved.
(HMS Shearwater was not based at Sheerness but took 300 French troops off the Prague which had been dive bombed and severely damaged off number 5 buoy and took them to Sheerness.)

The Following Sheerness and Queenborough vessels lifted troops off the Dunkirk beaches and transferred them to larger ships standing by off shore. When they returned to England they carried a full load of men.
AMULREE, Harbour Defence Patrol Craft.
CALETA, Harbour Defense Vessel.
CHRISTOBEL II, Harbour Defence Patrol Craft.
GLALA. Harbour Defence Vessel.
ALOUETTE II. Echo Sounding Yacht.
​JOVIAL. Mine Layer Tender.
​NAYLAND. Naval Auxiliary Boat.
​QUEEN BOADICEA II. Naval Auxiliary Vessel.
THELMAR. Naval Auxiliary Vessel.
RAF Motor-boat R-101. Air Sea Rescue.
MOTOR LAUNCH, ML 916. FAIRMILE “B” Class Motor Launch.
ARONIA Minesweeping Yacht. Took 42 troops back to England when she returned.
GIRL NANCY, Minesweeping Drifter
JACK EVE, Minesweeping Drifter.
RENASCENT, Minesweeping Drifter. -
MONARDA, Minesweeping Drifter. Picked up 135 troops, fifteen of who were wounded and 5 French sailors from a sinking French Trawler. She also rescued Squadron Leader H. D. McGregor whose Hurricane had been shot down. The Monarda embarked a second load of troops from the Mole at Dunkirk, rescued 25 men from a sinking ship and straight after another forty from a sinking navel cutter. She arrived back at Sheerness towing a French Trawler and with 110 troops on board.



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