Monday, January 13, 2020

Street Art

Readers of Bytes will know that I have a fascination with street art, not the mindless tagging of vandals who simply want to see their street nickname on a wall but the art that shows insight, thought, wit, expertise and ingenuity. 

Caiffa Cosimo, alias CHEONE, is a 39 year old Italian street artist who creates stunning street art murals which have an added twist, interaction with the environment and 3D. 

The word “nickname” is based on the Old English “eaca”. As early as 1303 this had become compounded into “ekename”, meaning additional name. By the 15th century, the syllables of "an ekename" had led to its rephrasing as "a nekename". Though the spelling has changed, the pronunciation and meaning of the word has remained the same.) 


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