Wednesday, October 21, 2020

More "You Had One Job" . . .


A recent posting on Bored Panda of “You Had One Job” photographs is worth sharing. Here are some of the pics from that post with readers comments below the pics. (for me the comments are as enjoyable as the pics themselves).  You can see the post by clicking on: 


Not Trying To Be Political I Just Thought This Was Funny 

best spokesman ever 

The only time they ever told the truth. 

Repeating stupidity is harmful to your health :D 

Spot on for the current regime. 

he's doing great at his job. 

okay! sooo...................what does he do? 

At least he was honest. 


I Honestly Want To Know How Someone Managed This 

"Do you believe in resurrection?" 

Should the answer section have a Ouija board? 

I've done online surveys that asked strange questions in order to see if those answering were actually paying attention and were really reading the questions. It's quite possible this is one of those scenarios. 

Yeah, this is likely a quality control question. I’ve seen ones that are like “I take a bath in ketchup every day, yes or no?” or asking if you’re fluent in ancient Egyptian. 

I think I’m going to tick ‘no’ but it’s a close one... 

zombie survey? 

please click yes I really want to know what happens 

This reminds me of that one news reporter that said "we tried to reach out to the man who was killed in the accident, but he was unavailable for comment" 🤦🏼‍♀️ 

Yes, I'm a close friend of Jesus. 


That’s A Big One 

That’s deliberate. Come on! 

It does say "uncut".... 

Couldn’t have planned it better...? 

Yep, accidentally on purpose. 

I feel bad for the model. "I hope my mom doesn't see this. She'll think I'm a porn star." 

This was planned. 

Is that billboard happy to see me? 

It's a faaaake! 

And they even stuck a fork in it. That's gotta hurt. 

never thought billboards could be X rated... 


Someone Really Hates Kids 

I shouldn't be laughing, but the caption is hilarious. 

I know, its horribly funny lol 

That will teach kids to get outta ma dang yarrrd! 

Pennywise is getting desperate. 

On the up side, maybe they'll get to meet the Ninja Turtles! 

Well, I guess if the kid is a real brat... 

It's a hole new adventure... 


All this needs is a red helium balloon on a string coming out of the hole. 


Meth, I’m on it

How many people did this have to pass through for approval... this is scary stupid. 

South Dakota is shaped like a speech bubble 

Ha ha! I thought it was a speech bubble! 

As a person that lives in South Dakota...this is accurate 

And I bet this new logo cost a little fortune to design :D 

"I know not what course other men may take, but as for me Give Me Lithium or Give Me Meth!" 

I think I see the problem here... 

Yeeeah, we got rid of that campaign, Aaaannnd it still pops up. Guess our state marketing will never live that one down! LOL 

Now, that's just methed up... 

Good thing it's trademarked, so nobody else tries to use it. 


Best, Or Worst, Editor? 

There you go: Beethoven can answer the above question ‘have you ever been in an accident that resulted in your death - yes/no’. 

Someone thought he was Bach from the dead.. 

dead, deaf...what's the difference... :-) 

It's pretty sad when you think he could only hear his own music in his mind... 

I wonder if this made him roll over and tell Tchaikovsky the news. 

if you think about it, "f" and "d" on a keyboard are next to each other. This is awesome 


“Shoplifters Will Be Prostituted” 

It may be a more effective deterrent than prosecution. 

Maybe for some, not for others. 

The best/worst autocorrect I've ever seen was when I texted a coworker "He knew he'd get raped if he didn't pay.". It was supposed to be "repo'd". 

That's a pretty stiff penalty. 

at least they will be able to pay for it next time 


Didn't Fit In The Mailbox 

the secret ingredient is the brainless use of brute force 

It came pre swatted for your convenience. 

the question isn't 'how does the door get bent'? the question is, 'how do you get ups to deliver an unbent door?'. 

Who the hell orders a door online, and how cheap & flimsy must it be to fold like that? Stop being a lazy cheap-ass and go buy it at a store. 

Obviously someone who has never heard of Home Depot 

I guess it's best he found out before it got installed.... 

Seems odd to buy a door online, but I’m not sure how else you’d buy one. Maybe Lowe’s has pick-up options? 

You just go into the hardware store and buy one. Big stores have doors on display so you can see what they look like. You can rent a truck to get it home if you need to. 


I’m Sure He’ll Be Happy With This Gift 

This is a hilariously terrible irony 

This is why you hire proofreaders! The editor should have caught this before it went to print 

Proofreaders are an extinct species. 

Someone at the paper has a dark sense of humor. 

I get your point. 


Someone ought to be fired or given a raise for this horrendous piece of editing 


Don't Worry Boss, I Wrote 

So... Smoking in English is ok? 

looks like nobody important noticed 

You can only smoke in Arabic if everyone around you is smoking in Arabic. Otherwise, you'd be rude. 

mg, how stupid is this person? He messed up so much!....... He forgot the quotation marks around "no smoking". 

That's outrageous! There is no space between No and Smoking. 

Epic face palm. 


You Became The Very Thing You Swore To Destroy 

Oh, the irony... 

The door handles also don't line up. 

I wonder how many people stand outside waiting for it to slide open 

can see the guys reflection...:) 

brilliant, simply brilliant. 

They don't trust their own product? 


How Does This Happen? 

Everything’s pricier in France 😂 

Turning the pillow changes the prize, I guess! 

It's because they have to hold the weaving machine on its side to make the French one. 

time to buy some Dutch pillows and sell them to French 

Are they supposed to be/look dirty? 

Sure. "Shabby chic", a different term for ugly on purpose. 

The Dutch are notoriously careful with their money. :-) 

is that Dutch pillow French or is the French pillow Dutch? 

Looks like they need a good wash - or are they purposefully filthy, kind of like how some jeans brands have 'fake' dirt/mud on them? 

the French decided to go Dutch 

Turn it and the price goes up??? 

that's an amazing turn-around. boom-tish 

That price took a turn for the worst. 

They also look very dirty. I wouldn't buy these at gun point


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