Sunday, October 18, 2020

Quote for the Day


The above quote is not verbatim. It comes from a 1984 Rolling Stone interview, the relevant extract being:

. . . you don’t think there’s any difference between, say, a Kennedy and a Nixon? It doesn’t matter at all?
I don’t know. It’s very popular nowadays to think of yourself as a “liberal humanist.” That’s such a bullshit term. It means less than nothing. Who was a better president? Well, you got me. I don’t know what people’s errors are; nobody’s perfect, for sure. But I thought Kennedy — both Kennedys — I just liked them. And I liked Martin . . . Martin Luther King. I thought those were people who were blessed and touched, you know? The fact that they all went out with bullets doesn’t change nothin’. Because the good they do gets planted. And those seeds live on longer than that.

Do you still hope for peace?
There is not going to be any peace.

You don’t think it’s worth working for?
No. It’s just gonna be a false peace. You can reload your rifle, and that moment you’re reloading it, that’s peace. It may last for a few years.

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