Monday, October 12, 2020

Photos To Remind Everyone That Many Animals Are Way Bigger Than Most Of Us Think – Part 3


The following pics, captions and reader comments as to how big some big things really are come from a Bored Panda article at: 


Ever Wonder How Big An Eagle Talon Is? 

Reader comments: 

More proof they are living dinosaurs. 

Wouldn't it be cool if we found out that T-Rex actually had feathers? 

Some eagles can carry off a fully grown sheep or goat 

Hear that sound? It was my jaw hitting the floor! 


Ugly lizard kind of skin 

HO.LY. S**T 

Polly wants a cracker... NOW. 

My spirit animal, love them!! 

A Whale Skull With A Human For Scale 

Yo... This is actually a baby whale's skull. A fully grown adult whale has a head bigger than that. (I know that's baby whale because I had seen it in a museum) 

Plague doctor mask lol 

Would make a pretty cool looking coffin 

I was actually thinking the same thing! 

Looks like a dinosaur skeleton. 

Consider Big Blue. The blue whale's tongue is the size of a full-grown elephant! 

Oh jeez!!! We all know they are big but when you have a human to show the size comparison it's beyond what most imagine... 

Sadly it's not a 'whole' skull at the same time. 

Believe It Or Not, This Is One Of The Least Dangerous Spiders We Have In Australia 

Yep, Huntsman spider, harmless. But if I came across it I'd shit myself eleven months of Sundays. 

Had one chase me once..I dropped a pair of phone books on it and left them there for a week, just to make sure.. 

Least dangerous, because you can spot it coming a mile away? 

I love how in Australia things are described as "least dangerous". 

Majority of Huntsman species are solitary spiders and only meet with a female to breed with except The Social Huntsman, the name speaks for itself. The colonies are usually found in dead trees. 

Well I'm never moving to Australia 

...And to think, Hermione sent her parents to Australia to protect them against Voldy? REALLY?!? 

I don’t care if he cooks dinner and washes the dishes afterwards, I’d still scream bloody murder if I see one! 

For anyone wondering, the rest of the "dirt" on the broom is baby spiders in a nest. 

They love to live in cars 

I bet they can drive too 

Honestly they aren’t that bad. The first time you see one you get a fright but they really don’t bother you much. 

I love Huntsmans. They're big and fuzzy and not all that bright, but they eat nastier spiders. 

It's worse when they have their babies with them 

IDC if that thing is not poisonous, if that crawled on me, I would faint from sheer terror and shit myself. 

But don't enter the dunny if there is a redback. 

If the Huntsman is one of the least dangerous spiders in Australia, what are your offerings for most dangerous? Actually, I like spiders, and I am not going to burn down my house. 

Oh jeez!! Just the size would have me running for the hills!!! 

Do you know you can hear a huntsman walking across the ceiling at night? The sense of foreboding when the footsteps stop immediately above your face is overwhelming. (But, if you do have a resident huntsman, you will never have spiderwebs as the huntsman eats all other spiders!) 

LOL! My SO nearly crapped himself when a spider popped up next to him! It was the size of the nail on my little finger; if he saw this he'd have a heart attack! 

Pretty harmless, but ugly as sin 

Sorry guys but I can assure you huntsmen are nowhere near as big as this one appears to be. The biggest one I have seen in 60 odd years in Australia would fit on the palm an average sized man's hand. Perspective can be tricky with short focal length cameras. 

Love you ozzies but I am NEVER going to Australia. Not without a bio hazard suit anyway 

You're welcome to them - keep them right there in Oz, please & thank you. 

Bear Paw Is Pretty Metal 

I'm hoping this is a vets picture, not a photo of the aftermath of shooting it.. 

It is. A vet has sedated the bear so that a tracker can be attached to it 

This paw can hi-five my whole body! 

Yeah, and then you'll never get up again! 

This little piggy went to market ... 

This little piggy ate whatever it wanted...... 

The bear claw pastry they sell at my local diner should be called a cub paw. 

Grizzly paw, to be accurate and fair. Not all bears are quite that big. 

a) I hope the bear is alive 
b) Leonardo was damn lucky (The Revenant) 

Don't ya just hate it when you can't get a manicure.. 

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