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Interesting as F. . .


Caution: risqué site title 

There is a wonderful website which is called Interesting as Fuck because it is . . . well . . . as interesting as fuck. The site can be viewed by clicking on the following link: 

Here are some of the interesting pics submitted to the site as recently featured on Bored Panda, together with BP headings and some BP reader comments, viewable at: 


Meet Narnia, A Rare Two Faced Cat 

Reader comments:

Narnia's a Chimera cat. 

So pretty! 

Narnia is beautiful. 

All cats are two faced 

Day and Night Cat! 


A German Circus Is Using Holograms Instead Of Live Animals For A Cruelty-Free Magical Experience. And It's Cool 

Does anyone know the circus? 

It's Circus Roncalli, one of the most famous circuses in Europe 

That's awesome! No cruelty or lethal accidents! 

That's so impressive 

It's a shame that there's even circuses still using live animals. 

Wait! Holograms are REAL? Well colour me surprised! I thought it was only science fiction. 

I love this idea I’m gonna go...I said i wasn’t going back to another circus ever but after seeing this i might visit this place 


Turkish Garbage Collectors Open A Library With All Of The Books Citizens Discard In Their Trash 

I never throw away books. I donate to the local libraries 

Depending on the books the libraries might throw them away though. 

BSR - garbage collecting company in Berlin opened their own second hand store with stuff people try to get rid off: furniture, clothes, books... Bought the most beautiful blue couch in perfect condition from there :) 

Donate books to prisons and older people care facilities and hospitals. 

I only discard books if they're damaged. This is a great idea! 

How can someone even think of throwing books in garbage? 

Lots of reasons. Maybe they're outdated textbooks or guidebooks. Maybe it's on a subject no one cares about. Maybe it's simple oversaturation. I've gone digging through the bins at thrift store outlets, the last stop before the dump, and let me tell you there are about a million Danielle Steel, James Patterson, and John Grisham novels floating around. I don't know why people bother buying them new, within two days of a book release it'll appear on a thrift store shelf for a dollar, like magic. And you could build a house from all the copies of Fifty Shades of Grey. 


102-Year-Old Beatrice Lumpkin Put On A Face Shield And Gloves And Took Her Ballot To The Mailbox Today. When She Was Born, Women Couldn't Vote 

Beatrice Lumpkin sounds like the name of a kindly old hare in a children's book. 

Or a character in a Harry Potter book. :-) 

Beatrice Lumpkin is AN ABSOLUTE ROCKSTAR, and we need more women just like her!!! 

This is soooo sweet and sooo wholesome 

She’s so cute, kudos to her 

Women could vote from 1893 though?? 

I assumed this photo was taken in the USA, where women got the vote in 1920. 

People act like this is the worst time ever, but that's untrue on almost every single measure imaginable. We've come a ridiculously long way with rights for all in the blink of a eye, considering we've been humans for over 100,000 years. Most of the change has come in the last 150 years. 


Some Drugstores In The Czech Republic Introduced Shampoo And Shower Gel Filling Machines. Customers Can Refill Their Empty Bottles With Various Products So They Don't Have To Buy A New One Everytime 

Such a brilliant idea, need something like this in our shops. 

But maybe it's not very hygienic? Or maybe it's fine. I honestly don't know. 

I really wish the U.S. had these refill stations in more stores. 

Wait, you mean that shampoo is just... shampoo? I don't need thirty kinds to choose from? Oh 2020 you just keep ruining things 

There is a store here in Indianapolis that used to do this. They also have dispenser for olive oil, vegetable oil, and other kitchen staples. However, because of COVID, they had to shut down the dispensers. Many stores no longer allow us to bring our own bags in the stores now and that upsets me. I understand the virus, I wear a mask, I am not a "hoaxer" or anti-masker, I just miss being able to provide my own bags and containers so I don't generate so much waste. 

I've seen these in a few eco friendly NY stores. 

The whole world needs to do this. In fact it should be done with everything that comes in a plastic bottle. 

That's a good idea, but the irony would probably be that it's cheaper to buy another bottle instead of bringing yours and refilling it. 


These 3 Jewish Men Arrived In Auschwitz On The Same Day, & Were Tattooed 10 Numbers Apart. 73 Years Later, Sandi Bachom Photographed Them Meeting For The First Time For The Last Eyewitness Project, As Free Men Who Survived To Build Families And Prosperous Lives 

That’s astonishing. Live forever. 

I'd like a Nazi to see this... 

I'm a WW2/Holocaust nerd. I'm just so blown away by it all. I'd been thinking, pretty soon there will no longer be any living survivors. This part of history needs to be a mandatory taught subject in schools. 

My eyes just exploded with tears! 

There was probably a time where they never thought they'd display those numbers and smile. I can't even imagine the horror and terror of what they lived through. 

Two of the three are not smiling. I wouldn't imagine it either, had it not been ingrained in me since childhood. 

The atrocities of this time will never be forgotten, but it is always nice to see the people who survived them and were able to rebuild their lives. 

They're already being forgotten, some schools won't teach it. Some groups dispute it ever happened. We have to make sure it is never forgotten. 


My Grandpa In Front Of The Plane He Flew In World War II. He Is 97 Now 

All hail your grandpa 

Udvar-Hazy Center 14390 Air and Space Museum Parkway Chantilly, Virginia 20151 

My great grandfather designed this plane that he flew. It’s called the Vought F4U Corsair. My great grandfather’s name was Rex Beisel. I only learned this fact a few weeks ago and it still shocks me. I’m a huge WWII study geek and the F4U was one of the most common and accurate fighter planes in WWII! 

It's a miracle he survived. The life expectancy of pilots was measured in weeks 

Fortunately, it was an excellent plane, which certainly helped. 

Absolutely amazing that he got to see it again. He has some tales to tell. 

Badass grandpa:-) 

Your Grandpa is a hero. Thank you for your service Sir. 


Saying Goodbye To A Species, The Very Last Male Northern White Rhino. A Powerful Photo Of 2018 

I am ashamed to be a human right now 

We all should be. If someone doesn't feel ashamed of the horror we brought, then they must not have a heart. 

Poor boy, he must have been so lonely :( I hope he’s in a much better place now 

I just read up on this. Apparently, vets previously retrieved sperm from various bulls and aim to keep the species alive by artificial insemination, but it‘s not looking good so far :( 

Only two females left in the wild ( daughters of the male above) and they are not reproducing for some reason. 

This is a very distressing thing, but there's something we ought to keep in mind- There are still two female northern white rhinos in the world, who produce eggs. They are under protection and the genetic information and eggs of a dozen of these rhinos have been carefully collected and preserved by scientific research centers, as well as frozen sperm from male rhinos who have since passed. in 2019 ten of the eggs were planned to be inseminated, and two proved to be viable. These viable embryos will be placed inside of a surrogate mother when one is found, likely a southern white rhino, to develop. There is still hope for this species and many others. Rather than giving up hope or hating on humanity, it's best to be proactive in developing the technologies and politics (and is very possible) to preserve these species. 

Tell me why I’m sobbing in online class right now 

Oh, God, I'm crying 

Look at that eye, how can we be so cruel?! 

When humans have wiped out most life, there will left us,. Scorpions, cockroachs, viruses, bacteria and no clean water, no farm land. This will be the end of humanity, already bees are dying out. No bees no food. 


Anti Poachers Guarding The Gorillas Selfie 

Aww it looks like the gorillas are protecting them too! It is also very dangerous to be an anti-poaching guard. 

The gorillas look like they are posing!! 😂😂 


Poachers are the worst 

The gorilla is like: are you done? 

"We's the Gorilla Mafia. You's don't mess with us." 

Gorrila's got attitude 

The cheeky one leaning in for the picture! Love it! 


More IAF to follow.

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