Monday, November 9, 2020

World War II Photos That Most Have Never Seen (Part 1)


From Horizon Times at: 

Fascinating photographs, some of which have been posted in Bytes before. 

Further instalments to come. 


Worthless Money 

Leading up to World War II, Germany was suffering from severe hyperinflation. The result was widespread as the nation’s currency became as useless as straw. Here children stack hundreds of bills that are worthless. Adolf Hitler would use this rocky time to launch his anti-Semitic propaganda campaign against the Jews. 


Hermann Goering’s Collection 

Following the end of the war, many Nazis’ private art collections were discovered by the Allies. These art pieces and artifacts actually belonged to various art museums throughout France and other countries too. This is Hermann Goering’s stashed stolen art collection. 


Seeing The Truth 

After the war many German soldiers claimed that they didn’t know of the atrocities being carried out around them. Here you can see German soldiers watching footage taken from concentration camps run by the Nazis. Some of these soldiers can’t handle the images they’re seeing. 


Young Soldiers 

Just before the fall of Berlin, Hitler ordered the arming of women and children to fight the city’s last battle. Clearly you can see that not everyone was prepared for this flawed strategy. A young German boy weeps after being captured by the Allies. 


Saving Civilians 

An American soldier helps a Japanese woman and her baby emerge from their hiding place. The Japanese emperor had ordered his citizens to take their own lives instead of being captured. Japanese propaganda instilled fear in Japanese citizens, telling them that the Americans were rapists and murderers. 


Reversing The Roles 

This Jewish concentration camp survivor never thought this day would ever occur. Following the liberation of the death and concentration camps by the Allies, many Nazis fled but many were captured too. This powerful image shows a newly-freed man with the upper hand. 


Hungarian Mini Tanks 

There’s no question that war initiates a technology boost. These Hungarian mini tanks were a new and innovative adaptation to what war could be. Their effectiveness wasn’t great, though. 


Homeless Japanese Citizens 

Following the massive destruction of Japanese cities during World War II, the citizens were the ones who suffered most. Here you can see men trying to get their lives started again, even though they’re homeless and without anything. 


Hitler’s Retreat 

This epic photograph shows Hitler’s famous retreat up in the hills of Berchtesgaden. American planes fly over the ruins of one of his estates, but this one was bombed to oblivion. 


Female Tank Commander 

There weren’t many female officers in the Soviet Army, but Aleksandra Samusenko was one of them. She successfully led her crew safely out of ambush during the Battle of Kursk when her commander was killed. 


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