Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Readers Write


After posting the poem quoted by Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher in Season 4 of The Crown, I received a couple of poetic emails from readers. Poems have been a regular feature of Bytes, usually poetry with a difference rather than Shakespearean sonnets, or stuff that either no one understands or which will put the reader to sleep. 

The poetic contributions from readers follow, but a warning: there is risque language involved.


Byter Tim B, from England, sent me the following email: 

Hello Otto, 

I know you are fond of limericks, so here is one my brother Reg penned. Some background, when he took up the ukulele at age 77, I told him to be careful he would have a house full of them. He said, oh no, just one will be enough. So far he has bought eight. 

Take care, 

Tim B 

The limerick: 

The first ukulele I bought 
Was all I needed I thought 
But once you’ve begun 
You can’t stop with just one 
Even though you know that you ought. 

Thanks, Tim. 

For the enjoyment of your brother, Reg, here is the address for a limerick site that held a competition amongst its subscribers for limericks with a ukulele reference: https://forum.ukuleleunderground.com/archive/index.php/t-21446.html

Some of them are mediocre but some are good, such as these examples: 

I adore a young woman called Hayley 
Who constantly plays ukulele 
Her fingering action 
Drives me to distraction 
As she gives me a good strumming daily 

A hopeful young player called Luke 
Tried to impress his girl with his uke 
But she said, "I can't flatter, 
It is size that matters!" 
...A quite disappointing rebuke. 

Enjoy the uke, Reg. 


Regular contributor and personal friend Steve M also sent me an email: 

I really enjoyed the Bytes about The Crown, Otto, thank you! I too think the whole series is superb and agree with you – you must watch it from the start! 

Talking of poems that people keep with them, Winston had one that he recited during his down times, written by Pushkin: 

I’ve lived too long I’m in the ruck 
I’ve drunk of deeply of the cup, 
I cannot spend, I cannot fuck, 
I’m down and out – I’m buggered up! 

Gotta love anything that Winston says. 

All the best 

Your humble servant 

Steve m 

Thanks, Steve. 

Those wishing to see Albert Finney as Winston Churchill recite the above lines in the 2002 television production The Gathering Storm, can do so by clicking on the following link: 

My contribution for you, Steve:

Winston was a determined old coot. 
Inspirational, a leader, astute. 
But instead of elected. 
The country ejected, 
Giving Winnie the Order of the Boot.

For those not up on their history . . . 
After having led England to victory in WW2, in the July 1945 election Churchill and his government were voted out of office. It is believed that this was a response to the population wanting to put the war years behind them and make a change. King George VI offered Churchill the Order of the Garter, which he declined, saying ‘How can I accept the Order of the Garter, when the people of England have just given me the Order of the Boot?’

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