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The following article is a reprint from the Daily Mail Australia, followed by reader comments.

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I am in 2 minds, it is a hoot, like a scene from CSI, but I can imagine it creeping out whoever comes across it in the future . . .

'So cruel': Mum seals a terrifying object inside her kitchen bench that won't be found until new owners renovate the home in '50 years' time

A DIY mum has shown off her dark sense of humour after hiding a human skeleton in her newly installed island bench. The mum-of-two posted photos of the life-like skeleton 'crouching in the dead space' and joked about the idea of him scaring the next people who renovate the property.

'50 years from today someone will tear out this kitchen and this cabinet will get the whole neighbourhood on their feet,' she wrote. 'I wish I could travel in time to see the face expression of that poor guy that will pull the countertop off of that cabinet,' she added.

The mum dressed her skeleton in a tradie t-shirt, cargo pants and a cap - and put a red pen in his hand.

And while thousands of home renovators found it 'hilarious' others said the mum didn't take the joke far enough. 'Have him holding a note and tell them they were isolating during a Covid bout. Then they can have a history lesson as well,' one woman said. Another said he should be wearing a facemask and holding a positive RAT test.

Some said the joke was simply cruel. 'I think you'll give them a heart attack and surviving that, a bloody good laugh,' one woman said.

Others couldn't understand why the mum chose to have dead space in the island bench at all. 'Why is it an empty space and not storage? The skeleton is taking up valuable real estate. Seriously, one can never have enough storage,' one woman said.

One woman said she once oversaw a renovation where a child's coffin was uncovered. Her staff put the casket on her desk and said as the boss she had to open it. 'No way was I going to open it! I would have resigned first. Turned out it was a prankster with the same sense of humour as these guys doing something similar to this. It was a time capsule. Not very amusing at the time but made for a good story after the event,' she said. The woman pities the people who find the skeleton. 'I didn't take too much notice of the actual contents as I was too shaken from the experience. I was traumatized,' she said.

Others said the woman's fifty-year renovation estimate was generous adding it will probably be remodeled in ten.

Reader comments

What a silly waste of space.

OMGosh...lighten up. Thanks to those people who still have ability to laugh. really doesn't matter what next owner thinks, this owner is having a good laugh.

I can already imagine reading the article on here in 50 years when the new owners find it

What a stupid, time-wasting, thoughtless and idiotic thing to do. I hope the publicity finds her out. Imagine having her as your mother.

Not half as funny as hiding raw seafood in really inaccessible places before moving out if your landlord/buyer has shafted you, or tried to. Prawns in curtain rails and raw oysters under floorboards are two of my favourites for a landlord who jacked up the rent.

That's small-time. A water pipe with a slow leak is more costly.

The sad sacks are already here. Too bad the Adelaide representation are mainly of the snowflake variety. Personally, I think it's hilarious!

Detest pranks ...what are they good for?

50 years? Not these days. It's likely to be 15 she'll still be around to sue when the next owner has a heart attack.

Oh dear, there will be a craze of similar pranks over here now. What a waste of space!

Be nice and leave a bottle of wine saying "cheers".

Could give an older person a heart attack or trigger a war veteran with ptsd. Such a selfish nasty thoughtless act.

Great waste of police resources when it's eventually found! What a POS

Its obviously made from plastic. Pretty sure even the new home-owners will see it. Wouldn't you wonder where all the remains are, apart from bones? No maggots, no oozing liquid lol. Just a clean skeleton with new clothes on. Yep looks real to me.

But why??

Give him a medal saying 2022 Hide and Seek Champion.

"Others couldn't understand why the mum chose to have dead space in the island bench at all." I thought exactly the same thing. Why not put a wine rack or more drawers?

Again..stupid and not newsworthy!


We can do with a bit of fun in these trying times !

I'm sorry but that's stupid and nasty and actually quite funny....

Good fun. I wish I could live long enough to see the reaction.

Yeah or it could LITERALLY give someone a heart attack and create a real death

I see nothing wrong with this at all. Sure it'll shock people, but just like a cake needs sprinkles, it needs something else like a self-isolating Covid note as suggested, or some end of the world prepper with a gasmask and calendar from the 1960s.

To be fair, its a very ordinary looking kitchen, it won't last the decade before its re-done...

Hilarious! I left a message on my renos that we built it during Covid 19 lockdowns & when we pulled out our kitchen we found a note from the previous owners. It's a bit of fun & history

Excellent prank! Unfortunately, an army of snowflakes are waiting to be told why this is offensive, and the moment they're convinced this is insensitive they will come here to howl.

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